In the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, the media and Democrats went to all-out war against our police. They let hate and hysteria spread, branding the hard-working men and women of law enforcement as racist. They lumped them all in with only a few. It has led to widespread riots and protesting. Now, a group of police is finally speaking out. And they won’t stand for this any longer.

It’s pretty disgusting to think how the media has slandered our cops. Just a handful of bad cops went too far and let a man die in their custody. Those same cops are facing charges for their actions. Yet the media, urged on my Democrat leaders, have branded all cops as “systemically” racist. They’ve sat back and let anarchists riot in our streets, expecting those same cops (with little support) to put a stop to them.

Over the last two weeks, we’ve seen the media let every crackpot, race-baiter, and left-wing activist smear the men and women who keep us safe. Not once has the liberal media bothered to defend cops or let them have a say in the conversation. The result has been a widespread movement among Democrats to defund police departments or outright shutting them down.

Now, cops are standing up and making their voices heard.

In an impassioned speech on Tuesday, Mike O’Meara, president of the New York Police Benevolent Association, ripped politicians and the press who have vilified police officers as thugs and criminals over the past two weeks…

“Stop treating us like animals and thugs,” he said. “And start treating us with some respect. That’s what we’re here today to say. We’ve been left out of the conversation. We’ve been vilified. It’s disgusting. It’s disgusting. Trying to make us embarrassed of our profession.”

… “375 million interactions, overwhelmingly, overwhelmingly positive. Nobody talks about all the police officers that were killed in the last week in the United States of America, and there were a number of them,” said O’Meara. [Source: Daily Wire]

You can see the pain in O’Meara’s eyes over the real injustice going on. Hundreds of thousands of hard-working Americans, Americans who risk their lives every day, are being slimed because of the actions of a few. If the media did this to any other group, it would be branded racist or bigoted. But because it’s cops, apparently that’s okay.

Cops risk their lives to keep us safe, only to be attacked by their own country. Even as evil rioters destroy cities, the media paints the cops as the bad guys. It’s totally backwards and insane.

But there is more troubling news. Even as O’Meara stands up for New York police, signs are growing that they might not take this abuse much longer.

New York City Police Department officers are retiring early after losing support from their higher-ups and from political leaders…

NYPD officers have worked consistent 12-hour shifts to curb the violence that has ripped through the city and destroyed dozens of businesses…

Now, rank-and-file officers are electing to take their pensions and exit the force rather than stay in and cooperate with NYPD and political leadership that appears to be more interested in appeasing mobs than backing their police officers. [Source: Daily Wire]

Cops are leaving the force early. If it’s happening in New York, it’s happening all over the country. You can’t spit on these people for so long, before suffering the consequences.

What are Democrat cities going to do when they don’t have enough cops to defend the streets. Forget about abolishing the cops, they will be begging for someone—anyone—to restore order. We lived through days of Antifa-incited riots. Do Democrats think that won’t happen again, if we continue to attack our own police?

The solution is clear: we need to get rid of those politicians that would turn on cops to appease left-wing anarchists. We need more conservatives at the state and local level to uphold law and order.

If not, what we saw in Minneapolis will be everywhere, all the time.

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