Republican Senator Tom Cotton wrote an article for the New York Times condemning the violent riots. It led to a civil war within the paper as radical leftist staffers got a longtime editor to resign. The dust up actually ended up benefitting the senator. And he was able to use his new resources to stick it to the Times.

What was all the controversy about? You won’t believe it. Sen. Tom Cotton wrote an article for the New York times, discussing the George Floyd riots. Like most, he believed Americans should be able to peacefully protest. But he condemned the violence and stated most Americans wanted police and military to end them—in order to save our communities.

The Times editorial board approved this article, which was an obvious opinion piece, and published it. But a growing number of left-wing, biased staffers at the paper were outraged. They claimed Cotton was advocating that the military be used to quell “peaceful” protests. Like most Democrats, they refused to acknowledge the unjustifiable violence that has occurred over the death of George Floyd. And they rejected the notion that most Americans have been disgusted by the riots—and wanted a swift end.

This all led to the editorial page editor resigning and kowtowing to the paper’s woke mob by saying the article should not have been published.

Jump to this week. Americans, outraged that a once respected paper should fall so far, raised considerable funds for Cotton’s PAC. With those funds, he was able to place an ad on the Times’ website.

Cotton’s affiliated political action committee, using funds that were raised from those who supported Cotton after the Times attacked him, ran an ad attacking former Vice President and current prospective Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden — on the Times’ website…

“Cotton’s team said the drama caused a substantial boost to his fundraising that helped him purchase the ads placed in the Times … Cotton’s campaign said he has raised nearly $200,000 since his op-ed was published.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Ouch. Cotton certainly had the last laugh. Woke leftists working for the paper thought they could censor Republicans’ views on the riots, only for this senator to place an attack ad against Joe Biden on their very website.

The real danger behind all this is how Democrats think they can control what we say, see, and ultimately think. You’d have to be a fool not to see how the Floyd protests devolved into violence. Rioters destroyed Minneapolis and numerous other cities. Real leaders—and Americans—needed to stand up and openly condemn the violence and demand an end to it.

Democrats, either because they wanted the violence or were too cowardly to stand up to it, refused to do that. They even went so far as to criticize and attack men like Tom Cotton, who dared to speak the truth.

But what was the end result? An outpouring of support for Tom Cotton and his campaign. What does that tell you?

That more Americans are on the side of law and order, than are on the side of woke leftism. The New York Times is a failing company. They have rejected objective journalism during the Trump era, for radical, open bias. And because of that, they are watching their subscribers and revenue plummet.

In fact, their only solid source of income is there building, which they rent out to other companies. If it weren’t for that… they might not even be in business today. Yet their entitled, crooked staff have the audacity to attack the rare time a Republican gets to speak on their platform.

Let’s see how well that works out for them in the coming years.

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