Barack Obama and his allies are giving air cover to a violent left-wing revolution trying to overthrow the country’s system of law and order.

A key front in the left’s war on America is to destroy the police which is why riots across the country erupted overnight.

Now Tucker Carlson dropped this truth bomb about police that Obama hid from you.

Leftist thugs seized on Minneapolis police murdering George Floyd as the jumping off point of a violent revolution to remove Donald Trump from office.

Rioters, anarchists and leftist street mobs looted cities, burned businesses and trashed communities in the name of fighting so-called “systemic racism” in American society and police conduct.

Tucker Carlson dismantled the myth of racist police hunting unarmed black men that Barack Obama and other racial pyromaniacs spread.

Carlson noted that five years ago the Washington Post began tracking police shootings that resulted in deaths.

The popular Fox News explained that police shot far more white people than black Americans even though black suspects were more likely to have a weapon on them at the time of the encounter.

“Since 2015, The Washington Post has maintained a comprehensive database of fatal police shootings in this country,” Carlson stated.. “Last year, the Post logged 1,004 killings. Of the 802 shootings in which race of the police officer and the suspect was noted, 371 of the those killed were white; 236 were black. The vast majority of those killed were not in fact, ‘unarmed.’ The vast majority were armed, and Africans American suspects were significantly more likely to have a deadly weapon than white suspects. Yet more white suspects were killed.”

Carlson then ran through the most recent data which showed police killed just nine unarmed black men, which was the lowest in any of the five years since the Washington Post began keeping records.

“Last year was the safest year for unarmed suspects since The Washington Post began tracking police shootings,” Carlson continued.. “It was the safest year for both white and black suspects.”

Carlson noted that police killed 19 unarmed white suspects.

By comparison, it was much more deadly to be a police officer in America with 48 cops being killed in the line of duty.

The numbers are the numbers.

Despite the horrific examples of cops killing innocents like George Floyd the numbers are the numbers.

“Again, those are the facts,” Carlson added. “They are not in dispute. Are African Americans being ‘hunted,’ as Joy Reid recklessly claimed on MSNBC recently? Or is something else happening? Is our nation being ripped apart by a total and complete lie, a provable lie. A lie used by cynical media manipulators and unscrupulous politicians who understand that racial strife, race hatred, is their path to power, even if it destroys the country? You have the facts now and you can decide what’s really going on.”

Police in Minneapolis murdered George Floyd.

But the police in America are not the tool of oppression to maintain a system of racism and oppression.

That is just a lie.

Conservative Revival will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

Author: Conservative Revival Staff

Source: Conservative Revival: Tucker Carlson Dropped This Truth Bomb About Police That Obama Hid From You

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