Once again, radical activists funded by the left are demanding American statues and monuments to be destroyed. These groups seek to erase our history and heritage by ripping down notable figures to our country. When activists targeted a Christopher Columbus statue in New York, Gov. Cuomo refused to budge.

Confused over why black (and anarchistic) activists want statues removed? They’re not just gunning for Confederate ones, either. These left-wing thugs want to remove monuments honoring George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Christopher Columbus. They defaced the Lincoln Memorial—the president who freed the slaves. They also vandalized a statue of Winston Churchill and a notable abolitionist.

This is not about getting rid of “racist” symbols in our country. This is a very obvious move right out of the socialist playbook. These people want to literally rewrite our history, reshaping it in a way that fits their agenda. They use race as a plausible excuse, but the end result is to remove our national identity, so they can impose their left-wing, Godless one.

In New York, Christopher Columbus is a big deal. Not only are there statues for him, but there is a yearly parade on Columbus Day. It’s because the large Italian-American population of the region reveres him as a heroic icon. To call him racist or evil would be a great insult and considered racist itself.

So, Gov. Cuomo is rejecting any calls to remove the man from the city.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Thursday he disagrees with calls to remove a New York City statue of Christopher Columbus because he says the Italian-American community still reveres him to this day.

During his daily press briefing, Cuomo was asked if it was time for the statue “to go.” Although Cuomo said he didn’t agree with all of Columbus’ past acts, he highlighted the importance of the symbol to Italian-Americans.

“I understand the dialogue that’s been going on for a number of years, [but] the Christopher Columbus statue represents — in some ways the Italian-American legacy in this country, and the Italian-American contribution in this country,” he said, The Hill reported. “The statue has come to represent and signify appreciation for the Italian-American contribution to New York.”

“For that reason, I support it,” Cuomo added. [Source: Fox News]

Cuomo’s not dumb. He, like many other Italian New Yorkers, has a strong sense of pride and heritage. Columbus is a big part of that. There aren’t many notable Italian-American icons to look up to (there are many African American ones). Columbus was by no means perfect (although much of the slander is unwarranted), but he’s an important figure in American and Italian-American history.

The governor understands how much the statue means to many New Yorkers. To remove it would be the same as saying they don’t belong. As idiot mayor de Blasio wants to stain streets with “Black Lives Matter,” insulting the rest of New Yorkers, Cuomo is trying to defend and protect the culture of other residents.

Who said black activists can erase our history because they claim it “offends” them? This isn’t about respecting black Americans, it’s about attacking our history and values.

Mark my words: this radical group of anarchists won’t be happy, even if we scrub any and every “offensive” name from our streets and cities. They’ll just go after more people they deem “wrong.” They will want to get rid of JFK, FDR, and other leaders over bogus charges.

When will it end? You know when. When every last trace of indentity and culture is ripped from our country. When only tyrants are celebrated and real heroes disgraced.

We need a line in the sand. No removal of our monuments. No desecration of our history.

Because the ones who seek it, don’t even love America in the first place.

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