President Trump rejected calls from radical Democrats to defund the police. Even Democrats in Congress are trying to push legislation that will weaken police departments, making them vulnerable to frivolous lawsuits. Trump, instead, revealed his intentions for reforming police departments. And there’s no defunding in sight.

It seems Democrats are desperate to claw back any support lost to Trump over the last few years. Since he entered office, they have leaned into one bad plan after another. They opposed reformed and bills that have saved tax payers billions and brought jobs back to this country. On top of that, they embraced ideas that would have tanked our society.

(Re: the Green New Deal, abolishing ICE, etc.)

Now, a number of Democrats in cities nationwide want to defund the police. Don’t think this is a sincere effort to address police brutality. This is a pathetic ploy by Democrats with zero leadership ability to win back black voters. They foolishly think that most black Americans hate cops. So naturally, getting rid of cops would ensure black voters’ support.

It’s so stupid, I don’t have enough words to express it.

President Trump has a better plan. A much, much better plan. He wants to improve police departments, not defund them. And his new executive order has been revealed.

President Trump will sign an executive order on Tuesday to track bad police, de-escalate conflicts with suspects, and improve mental health care for suspects by pairing social workers with police officers responding to calls, senior administration officials said Monday.

The Trump administration is working to finalize the executive order intended to establish best practices for law enforcement to improve guidance on hiring, training, and strategies for community policing as a way to address concerns raised by protesters nationwide following the killing of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police. [Source: Just the News]

Instead of punishing cops with heavy regulation and burdens, President Trump wants to incentivize improvements to police departments. His plan will identify bad cops and prevent them from alluding accountability. It calls for increases in training and improved efforts to address mental health problems among suspects.

The executive order will empower the attorney general to craft specific guidance. It will also be taken to Congress for potential funding and legislation.

Trump’s approach is radically different from what we’ve seen from Democrats. Even those rejecting the “defund the police” movement have offered little that inspires confidence. House Democrats want to create a federal oversight committee that will only hamper local police departments. It’s no surprise. These are power-hungry lawmakers who want everything to go through D.C.

They don’t believe local leaders can do a better job of keeping communities safe. So, they want to create more regulation and burdens that will only make our streets dangerous. On top of that, they want to remove certain immunities from police departments, which would open the floodgates to needless lawsuits.

Police department would be forced to neglect their duties to address endless litigation. But that is all by design. Democrats don’t want competent cops protecting our cities. They want to grab control of every aspect of our lives, including how cops do their job. Democrats like Nancy Pelosi want everything to go through D.C. so she and her little cabal can decide everything for us.

That’s probably why local Democrats, like the mayor of Seattle, appear so unwilling to do their job. It’s because they are taking a knee, to give Washington Democrats a chance to take over. They won’t be satisfied until Congress has the final say on everything.

The only thing stopping them is President Trump, who believes the American people know better than career politicians in D.C. His plan will increase funding and support for cops, while reducing the already low likelihood of brutality.

If Democrats had their way, there’d be chaos in the streets. Oh, wait, that’s already happening.

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