Rick Wilson, a so-called conservative trying to prevent Trump’s re-election, tried to hammer national pizza chain Dominos over a benign tweet from 2012. The petty move was not embraced by anyone. Not only did the company stand up to the online harassment, but Wilson quickly regretted what he did.

Apparently, back on November 8, 2012, Kayleigh McEnany complimented Domino’s Pizza. The now White House press secretary said they were “wayyy better than any NYC pizza.” The company, as is often the case on social media, replied with thanks.

Full disclosure: Dominos is not better than real, New York pizza. Not even close. But McEnany is entitled to her opinion. And Dominos, being a company that wants to encourage people to support them, was totally right to thank her for the compliment. Case closed, right? Wrong.

Because even though this tweet is almost ten years old and was posted long before McEnany worked for the Trump administration, Rick Wilson tried to get Dominos canceled over it yesterday.

Oh, they “just” killed their brand, Wilson? As if saying thanks to a person—eight years ago—has anything to do with the political climate right now. The tweet had nothing to do with politics, either. Yet Wilson, like so many toxic people on the left, think they have the right to “cancel” a company for interacting with someone they deem “wrong.”

To their credit, Dominos refused to apologize over this eight-year-old interaction. They called out Wilson for his bogus attack. But they weren’t the only ones. Users pounced on the Never Trumper, revealing his questionable social media content.

Wilson’s failed attempt to demonize the chain led to some taking a closer look at his old social media posts, resulting in the discovery of Instagram photos depicting what appears to be a cooler emblazoned with the Confederate flag — a symbol heavily targeted by the progressive left.

“Don’t worry @dominos, it turns out that the only brand cancelled today is the brand of Rick ‘The South will rise again’ Wilson,” Donald Trump Jr. said of the discovery. [Source: Breitbart]

Apparently, Trump-hating Wilson at one time owned a cooler covered with a giant sticker of the Confederate Flag, with the words “The South Will Rise Again” on it. When people started pointing that out, Wilson hastily started deleting pictures from his social accounts. Too bad he doesn’t understand how the Internet works.

Rick Wilson is one of a few so-called conservatives who came together to form the “Lincoln Project” a pathetic attempt to convince Republicans to reject Trump. Apparently, Wilson is such a strong, uncompromising conservative, that he’d help a far-left Democrat become president.

It’s hard not to believe that Wilson is either a secret liberal or a sellout (along with Mitt Romney, the late John McCain, and former Speaker Paul Ryan). He claims to be a conservative, but a opposes the most conservative president since Reagan. He even uses the petty tactics of the left, trying to get a company canceled because in 2012 they tweeted to a now member of the Trump administration.

That’s even pettier than what most Democrats do! Wilson, you really gotta up your game. You’re trying to defeat a president with a 95% approval rating among Republicans. If you think you can con anyone into voting for Biden instead, you need to figure this social media stuff out—and quick.

The good news is, his utter fumbling of the Domino’s attack only blew up in his face. I don’t think anyone was willing to reject the pizza chain over a perfectly fine tweet from 2012. In fact, this may have helped Domino’s get a few more purchases this week.

Hmm… maybe Wilson is actually a Trump ally, uniting the party in opposition to the Lincoln Project?

He’s either that or the dumbest man in politics.

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