Two police officers were held responsible for shooting and killing a black man, after he stole their weapon. Quickly, they were fired and then arrested. Despite the circumstances of the event being very different than the death of George Floyd, an Atlanta DA has charged the men with felony murder. Now, reports are coming in that Atlanta cops are walking out.

In the aftermath of the death of George Floyd, police have been treated as Enemy Number One in our country. The left and the media have done a terrific job of branding these hard-working men and women as callous racists who are out to kill black people. Despite the hundreds of thousands of good cop who are responsible for protecting our streets, the media focuses on a small number who did wrong.

Police have been left out of the conversation as radical groups like Black Lives Matter call for their destruction. Left-wing Democrats want to defund police departments or outright abolish them. Citizens who have drunken the BLM Kool-Aid are even calling for a war against police. Few in the media are defending or supporting the very people that mean the difference between life and chaos.

It appears we’ve reached a breaking point. Officer Garrett Rolfe and Officer Devin Brosnan of Atlanta shot a suspect after he stole their Taser. Despite the need for self-defense, these police were fire, then arrested. An obviously politically-motivated DA is trying to throw the book at them. Now, it looks like Atlanta is in for some tough days ahead.

Swathes of police officers in Atlanta, GA, are “walking off the job,” according to multiple reports published Wednesday evening.

Todd Starnes tweeted, “BREAKING NEWS: Georgia police sources tell me only two police precincts are staffed in the entire city of Atlanta. Entire zones of officers are walking off the job. Zones 1,3,5 and 6 have left their posts. Zones walking off the job. #BlueLivesMatter.”

…Atlanta’s FOX affiliate also reported on the police walkouts, stating that it had “received several tips that officers were walking off the job en masse.” [Source: Breitbart]

This is what happens when corrupt, out-of-control liberals defame and slander a group of hard-working, good cops. Listen, cops don’t have to do what they do. It takes a very dedicated, strong person to put up with the daily dangers and abuse that police do. But then you add to that weeks of hate against an entire group of people over a few bad cops? What were they expecting?

Atlanta’s Democrat mayor, Keisha Lance, even admitted the police’s morale is “down tenfold.” Um, yeah. It’s probably plummeting as we speak. Democrats have sat back and let a radical, hate-fueled group like Black Lives Matter tarnish the one institution dedicated to protecting black lives: the police.

Is BLM going to start patrolling Atlanta streets? Are they going to put their lives on the line to defend black citizens from drug dealers, gang bangers, murderers, and crooks? Something tells me no, no they’re not. This group talks a big game, but they’ll do nothing to actually protect black lives when it matters.

For weeks the left has embraced evil ideas like defunding the police. What did they think was going to happen? Not once did they bother to look at the problem from PDs’ point of view. They wanted to string up all cops as monsters.

Police face death, violence, and unrestrained hate on a daily basis. They do it, because they love their communities and want to see them safe and prosperous. But, after all, they are only human. And when they receive little support from their own communities? Why should they keep doing it?

Unless radical change happens in Atlanta—and these charged cops are released—it might only get worse.

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