Thanks to the “defund the police” movement, our men and women in blue are hated by the media. Few outlets are giving police a chance to defend themselves, nor be part of the conversation. Already we have seen rumblings across the nation of unrest among police departments. Now, another Democrat city is facing a police exodus.

It’s funny how we don’t see any problems coming from police in red cities or states. Conservatives, who have historically respected their police, won’t have to fear losing them. But in liberal cities around the country, there is a tangible fear that they might not have anyone to protect them from a tsunami of crime, violence, and chaos.

It started with calls to defund or abolish police departments. The media hyped up protests and riots connected to George Floyd’s death. They gave a voice to people all too eager to attack cops. But not once did we see them defend police or give them a chance to respond. The mayor of Los Angeles promised to strip the LAPD of funding, as did the mayor of New York.

Rumors swirled that hundreds of cops in NYC were considering quitting or retiring early. It only got worse after two cops were charged with murder in Atlanta after defending themselves from an armed assailant. This week, we learned that that majority of the Atlanta police force refused to go to work. The Democrat mayor of the city is begging them to return.

Now, another entrenched liberal town is on the verge of losing their police.

A D.C. Police Union survey of its members released Thursday showed that of nearly 600 who responded, 71 percent are considering leaving the Metropolitan Police Department.

“71% of members polled are considering leaving MPD,” a press release said. The survey was conducted on Tuesday.

Of those, 25 percent said they may retired earlier than planned. Thirty-five percent are seeking jobs at other law enforcement agencies, and 39 percent are considering leaving law enforcement altogether, the survey said. [Source: Breitbart]

This is pretty serious stuff. Being a police officer is no easy job. They have to deal with the very worst our society throws at them. They face violence, hate, and death on a daily basis. But they do it—and proudly—because they believe in keeping our country safe.

But when the media and large swaths of Americans call cops the enemy? Why should they bother? Democrats are blaming all cops over the actions of a few. They want to defund police departments so cops lack the resources to do their jobs. And when crime sweeps over their cities, who are they going to blame? The cops, of course.

It’s no wonder why so many cops are leaving the force. Again, this ain’t happening in red cities. Americans who vote Republican will continue to enjoy law and order. But those who are foolish to keep supporting broken, toxic liberal policies—policies that reward criminals and punish cops—will have to live with cities without police.

It’s a totally unthinkable reality, but one we are dangerous close to seeing. Democrats have made cops out to be armed villains. Radical leftists are calling for the elimination of the one institution that actually defends black lives. Nobody on the left appears willing to stem this tide of madness.

So, they get to enjoy watching their cops leave in droves.

What are these liberals going to once all the cops leave liberal cities? These are the same cities that outlawed gun ownership, by the way. Are these liberals ready to defend themselves against the swarm of criminals that about to descend upon them?

I don’t think so. Only too late will they realize the error of their ways.

But even then, I don’t think they’ll learn.

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