Since the onset of the pandemic, Democrats have been pushing mail-in voting. This once-rare measure is now being championed as the “only way” Americans can safely vote this fall. President Trump and numerous others have voiced concerns that mail-in voting can lead to voter fraud. Now, Attorney General Barr is weighing in as well.

I’m not sure why Democrats are particularly so eager for mail-in voting. Do they really think this will give them an advantage in November? Young, liberal Americans (the ones that even bother to vote) are too afraid to even register, let alone use the post office. They express “anxiety” over just buying stamps! You know who’s not afraid of using the mail? Older Americans. And they all love Trump.

In a recent special election in California, where a Republican flipped a Democrat congressional seat, mail-in voting was used. Perhaps liberals, even with the option to mail in their ballots, were too scared to leave their houses, for fear the virus might get ‘em.

Even still, mail-in voting is rife with problems. Videos and photos revealed boxes of ballots just dumped in empty stairwells. To move to an exclusively mail-in voting system would make it that much harder for election officials to verify a voter’s identity. In states that already refuse voter ID laws, mail-in ballots could open the door to fraud on a wide scale.

And AG Barr just explained his view on the issue.

“Well, it absolutely opens the floodgates to fraud. Those things are delivered into mailboxes. They can be taken out. There’s questions about whether or not it even denies a secret ballot, because a lot of the states have you signing the outside of the envelope. So, the person who opens — person who opens the envelope will know how people voted. There’s no — right now, a foreign country could print up tens of thousands of counterfeit ballots, and be very hard for us to detect which was the right and which was the wrong ballot. So, I think it can — it can upset and undercut the confidence in the integrity of our elections. If anything, we should tighten them up right now.” [Source: Breitbart]

Barr raises plenty of points that other pundits have neglected. Mail-in voting can eliminate the all important secret aspect of our voting system. The reason we have “secret ballots” is so nobody can pressure a voter come election day. You have the right to vote for your candidate of choice, without feeling compelled or shamed into voting for another one. But, as Barr said, some states require you to sign a main-in ballot, which means those handling it will know who you voted for.

Another worry Barr raises is the possibility that a “foreign country” could print up thousands of fake ballots. Because this is all handled by mail, they can flood an election office. How could anyone know better? President Trump voiced concerns that fraudsters would print up counterfeit ballots to cheat. The idea that a foreign entity could launch an operation to interfere with our election is even more concerning.

Considering how intensely Democrats investigated “Russian interference” in the last election, you’d think they would be the first to express concern over mail-in ballots. But so far, they are championing the move at the federal and local levels. They don’t seem remotely concerned that a foreign country could steal our election this way.

Hmm… perhaps that suggests they never were concerned about foreign inference? That they were only making up reasons to get at Trump.

It’s pretty clear that mail-in voting is hardly secure. While, in a limited capacity, it can be fine—widespread use of the practice can undermine our democracy is many unforeseen ways. Not that Democrats seemed all at worried about it…

If it gives them a win, of course.

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