For weeks, Americans have watched anarchists riots in our streets and destroy statues. But for some reason, the highest law enforcement agency in the land refuses to stop them. Instead, they sent a total of fifteen agents to investigate what ended up being an obvious hoax. Tucker Carlson rips them to shreds.

Since late May, radical groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa have been staging and encouraging violent demonstrations across the country. No doubt backed by Democrat donors (who openly bail out these criminals), these violent anarchists have burned down businesses, vandalized countless buildings and homes, and jeopardized the lives of thousands.

Most recently, these leftist operatives have targeted American monuments and statues. Not content to just destroy Confederate statues, these thugs have destroyed anything from our history. And they continue to do so.

Yet, we haven’t heard a peep from the FBI, the nation’s top law enforcement agency. I’m sorry, but isn’t all of this illegal? These left-wing criminals are trying to spread chaos and destruction, just months before the election. They are breaking federal law by destroying national monuments. Uh… nothing FBI?

But when there is a rumor that a noose was found inside a NASCAR garage, the FBI rushes down to investigate with no less than 15 agents.

Tucker Carlson wasn’t having it—and he blasted the agency.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson criticized federal law enforcement for allowing rioters and those who topple monuments to go free while sending 15 agents to investigate the “absurd” story of a noose supposedly found in NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace’s garage…

“Every few months, there appears to be new hysteria over nooses discovered somewhere off in a public place and almost inevitably, the hate crime we are warned about turns out to be fake,” Carlson said on Tuesday night’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” “The story has been told again and again and again, but our authorities never learn the obvious lesson, this isn’t a very racist country. Sorry Democratic Party.”

They’ve done nothing to arrest the people who are burning police stations or tearing down monuments of George Washington, but the FBI sent 15 agents to Alabama to investigate the noose and, after days of investigation, they discovered the noose was in fact a rope with a loop used by work crews to pull down a garage door.” [Source Daily Caller]

Yep, the “noose” was just a loop that is used to pull down the garage door. Bubba Wallace would have known that, since that kind of loop is used all the time. Yet he—like Jussie Smollett before him—wanted to fake a hate crime to get media attention.

That is worthy of 15 FBI agents’ time. But not the near-endless riots? What about those anarchists—criminals—who took over six blocks of Seattle? The “occupy protest” resulted in at least one death. The FBI doesn’t care at all?

Tucker accused the FBI of rushing in because the bogus story could have been “used to advance a political agenda.” That agenda is unfolding all around us: that white Americans are racist and the only way black Americans can succeed is by rioting and causing mayhem. It’s a lie straight from the Democrats’ playbook. They push it, hoping to prop up Joe Biden, a man with a history of supporting racial discrimination.

You might be wondering: “Why would the FBI play into that political agenda?” Because although they are supposed to uphold the law, the agency is run by D.C. insiders. That’s right, swamp dwellers. All too often they care more about embracing the failed narrative of the media, than doing their job. The rank-and-file officers might care about protecting the country, but not the officials who rub shoulders with Washington goons.

It’s just another reminder of what we’re up against this November.

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