In the wake of a movement to destroy statues of historical figures, black activists are now urging supporters to target churches. They demanded that statues of Jesus be destroyed and stained glass windows be smashed in. In response to these threats, the president fought back.

Let’s get real here: Shaun King’s insane claim that Christian statues are a form of “white supremacy” is bogus. He specifically called on his supporters to destroy statues of Jesus and other religious figures and smash in the windows of churches. This has nothing to do with racism. It is the next step in these Marxist’s plans to overthrow our way of life.

First, they tried to tarnish the history of our country and respect for our leaders. After that, they need to destroy the symbols of our faith, the foundation of our American values (and much of our laws). If they can do that, it’s all that easier to replace our culture with the godless corruption of socialism.

I’ve been saying from the start—and we see the proof. Hiding behind the claims of racism, these activists want to destroy churches, period. King didn’t single out mosques or synagogues. Not because there aren’t white people represented there—but because there are far more Christians in American than anyone else.

President Trump responded to these new threats, saying it’s “not going to happen.”

President Donald Trump on Wednesday at the White House vowed to protect statues of Jesus Christ and statues of the Founding Fathers in the United States from leftist mobs seeking their destruction.

“They’re looking at Jesus Christ. They’re looking at George Washington. They’re looking Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson. Not going to happen,” Trump said. “Not going to happen as long as I’m here.”

The president previewed an executive order that would streamline and consolidate existing laws to protect monuments at the end of the week. Trump cited the Veterans’ Memorial Preservation Act that already allows for up to ten years in prison for attacking a monument to America’s veterans. [Source: Breitbart]

You have to look at the pattern of these violent protests. Similar movements happened in Russia, South America, and Asia—just before socialists took over. These activists know that Americans won’t just sit back and give up their freedoms. They need to destroy those institutions that represent our heritage and faith. So, they need to destroy the symbols of American heroes and even statues of Christ—whom Christians believe is God himself.

In American, these socialists are using racism to justify this violence. But the goal is the same. They think that we will be guilted into letting them eradicate our national and religious heritage. They are going to fail.

America is not Russia. We will not sit back and let the most cherished values of our people get washed away. All this violence will not succeed. In fact, it will most-likely backfire, as more and more Americans are horrified at how Democrats keep letting it happen.

If one church is vandalized. If one statue of Christ is pulled down. That’s the end of this “movement.” Americans won’t stand for such desecration.

And it could mean the end of the Democratic Party.

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