House Intelligence Committee Republicans have sent up to 14 criminal referrals to the Justice Department related to the Russia investigation and the 2016 campaign.

Rep. Devin Nunes, the ranking member of the panel, told Fox Business host Lou Dobbs on Monday their inquiry has turned up “many unanswered questions” they hope the Justice Department under Attorney General William Barr can work out.

“We have recommended many criminal referrals now, I think we’re up to somewhere around 14 criminal referrals that we have now made to the Department of Justice,” the California Republican said.

Nunes has been talking up a new slate of criminal referrals over the past few weeks, which adds to the eight referrals to Barr last spring.

Nunes and Dobbs also talked about U.S. Attorney John Durham’s inquiry into the Russia investigation after Barr told Fox News in an interview that aired Sunday that he expects “developments” by the end of the summer.

Nunes brushed off concerns about how it may affect the 2020 presidential election, stressing that former Vice President Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee, was only on the “periphery” of what transpired. But he agreed it should be completed before the November contest.

Barr appointed Durham last year to investigate possible misconduct by federal law enforcement and intelligence officials in the investigation that sought out ties between the Trump campaign and Russia. Now, two other U.S. attorneys are assisting with the effort.

“It could involve … very high-level Obama officials,” Nunes said. “But with what we really want to see happen is those people that were in the [Hillary] Clinton campaign that coordinated with the dirty cops who wasted millions of dollars of taxpayer money, those are the people that the Department of Justice has to really rein in and, hopefully, are able to prosecute.”

Author: Daniel Chaitin

Source: Washington Examiner: Devin Nunes: ‘We’re up to somewhere around 14 criminal referrals’ to Justice Department

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