During the pandemic lockdowns, Joe Biden has been hiding in his basement, only appearing for an occasional interview or online appearance. It seems like his campaign is trying to keep him out of the spotlight as much as possible. We all know why. Now, a new poll has been released, revealing just how many Americans believe the former vice president is suffering from mental decline.

Yeah, it’s true. Joe Biden has a long history of making embarrassing gaffes. Throughout the Obama administration, you could’ve counted on Joe to say something odd, out-of-place, or inappropriate. Most of the time, people just chalked it up to “Silly Ol’ Joe.” But these days, it’s much different.

Joe Biden has made a frequent string of troubling mistakes. Throughout the primaries, as he went on a grueling campaign tour, he revealed that he wasn’t all there. Joe often confused which city or state he was in. He, at one point, said he was running for “Senate of the United States.” He confused his sister and wife. Then there were all the comments or statements, that just kept getting odder.

You-you know… the thing.

Since the lockdown, it’s only gotten worse. Joe Biden appears tired and confused. He rarely speaks without the aid of a pre-written script. And he can’t finish a sentence without slurring his words and fumbling them up. You don’t have to be a doctor to worry that his mind isn’t all there. And now a Rasmussen poll revealed how many Americans believe the Democrat has dementia.

Nearly 40% of likely voters believe that former Vice President Joe Biden is experiencing some form of dementia, according to a new poll published Monday.

Twenty percent of Democratic voters believe the presumptive presidential nominee for their party has some form of serious cognitive decline, according to a poll from conservative-leaning pollster Rasmussen Reports. More than 60% of Republicans feel Biden has dementia, as do 30% of voters without a major party affiliation, according to the Rasmussen poll.

Roughly 61% of all voters believe Biden should address the dementia issue publicly, with 41% of voters saying it is very important for the former vice president to provide a comment, the poll shows. Another 36% of voters say the issue is not that important, according to the poll. [Source: Daily Caller]

These numbers should disturb Joe Biden, if he’s even aware of what’s going on. A large number of voters think the man has dementia. Even twenty percent of his own party thinks that! Thirty percent of independent voters (a huge margin) think the same.

The poll reveals many Americans want Joe to address the issue. Up until now, he and his party has dismissed any concerns out of hand. It seems like they are eager to cover up any worries that the man’s mind is slipping away. Not great, you guys.

We shouldn’t be surprised at this poll. With every new appearance, Joe casts more doubt on his mental fitness. Even in ads prepared by his campaign, Biden sounds sluggish and tired, his words nearly a total slur. Will this man be able to host any rallies or events? Will he be able to attend his own convention? How can a President Biden give simple speech or address reporters, if he’s losing his mind?

This is pretty serious. In 2016, numerous people worried about Hillary Clinton’s health (especially after footage of her collapsing went viral). But the campaign refused to comment, nor did Democrats demand an answer. What happened to Hillary, again? Oh, yeah, she lost.

If Democrats refuse to get Biden to prove his mental fitness, the race for president has already been lost.

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