In the aftermath of calls to remove Confederate statues, cowardly leaders in D.C. mulled renaming numerous Army bases. Even Republicans warmed to the idea, a sign that they lack the backbone to deal with this issue. But President Trump refuses to bow to this “movement.” And he’s promised what he’d do if a bill reached his desk.

Across numerous segments of our society, there has been a rush to scrub away anything that would be deemed “racist” by radical activists. HBO removed Gone With The Wind from their streaming service, claiming the award-winning film was racist. Pepsi decided it was time to get rid of Aunt Jemima pancake syrup—despite being on their bottles for decades. Other food companies were quick to follow.

It appears companies—and politicians—are so cowardly, that they’d strip away anything that might be remotely offensive. In the process, they are seeking to placate a small group of left-wing anarchists who hate EVERYTHING about our society and will never be satisfied.

Because this isn’t about race, it’s about replacing freedom and capitalism with socialism.

Rumblings began in Congress to replace ten Army bases named after Confederate leaders. Even though the average person didn’t even know who these men were, politicians were quick to jump on this bandwagon. President Trump voiced his dissent, only to be contradicted by Republicans. Now, Trump is dropping his veto hammer.

President Donald Trump tweeted Tuesday evening that he would veto the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) if it included an amendment to rename ten U.S. Army bases that had been named for Confederate generals.

The renaming amendment was authored by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and passed the Republican-controlled Senate Armed Services Committee on a voice vote.

On Tuesday night, he tweeted: “I will Veto the Defense Authorization Bill if the Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren (of all people!) Amendment, which will lead to the renaming (plus other bad things!) of Fort Bragg, Fort Robert E. Lee, and many other Military Bases from which we won Two World Wars, is in the Bill!” [Source: Breitbart]

Why would Trump be so opposed to renaming these bases? After all, they are named for men who fought against the country during the Civil War! Well, think about it this way: why were these bases named after these men in the first place?

We aren’t the first generation to acknowledge that racism is wrong, correct? And everyone since the Civil War knew it was a bloody and terrible conflict. Yet past generations had no problem with Fort Bragg, Fort Robert E. Lee, and others.

It’s because previous generations understood that, while these men fought against the North during the war, they were still Americans. While some of their values might have conflicted with other citizens, they were still fighting for what they believed in. They still believed in freedoms that make American what it is, even though they were on the wrong side of the slavery issue.

You see, you can be wrong about one thing, but still be a patriot. Not a single American icon was perfect. Should we destroy every last trace of our heritage, because a few idiots are mad?

President Trump understands the danger we are facing. This isn’t about Confederate names on buildings. This is about a toxic group of anarchists that want to destroy everything we hold dear. If we give in to them now, there will be no end.

Say goodbye to the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. Say goodbye to the stories of Betsy Ross or Johnny Appleseed. Hell, say goodbye to the First Amendment or the right to bear arms.

It will all go away, if we keep bowing to a group that has hated America from the start.

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