A recent rise in positive COVID tests have some leaders eager to slam the breaks on our reopening plans. Some are even mulling returning to some form of lockdown, once again infringing on Americans’ freedoms. But it appears they are ignoring all the relevant data, including a disturbing trend caused by the un-Constitutional orders. These deaths are entirely the government’s fault.

We know that the lockdowns did little to affect COVID-19. Health officials kept beating the “slow the spread” drum. They forced us into our homes (with sick people), thinking it would ease the burden on hospitals. Then they changed the rules on us, claiming we couldn’t reopen until positive test numbers dropped.

The lockdowns were devastating. Millions lost their jobs. Major events and once-in-a-lifetime moments were ruined. Students’ academic careers were totaled. And so much more. Yet are governors or mayors taking responsibility for the reckless damage they caused to our society? Nope! In fact, some even mull going back to those days, not because of data or facts, but simply out of their own pathetic fear of looking bad.

But here’s something that will make them look bad: overdose deaths have surged since the lockdown. And it’s entirely the government’s fault.

State governments have enacted heavy-handed restrictions to slow the spread of the virus, but in many cases have contributed to increased social isolation and blocked people from services and escapes that have buoyed mental and emotional health…

“Suspected overdoses nationally — not all of them fatal — jumped 18 percent in March compared with last year, 29 percent in April and 42 percent in May, according to the Overdose Detection Mapping Application Program, a federal initiative that collects data from ambulance teams, hospitals and police. In some jurisdictions, such as Milwaukee County, dispatch calls for overdoses have increased more than 50 percent,” the Post reports…

In early May, just weeks into the pandemic in the U.S., the health group Well Being Trust estimated that 75,000 people would die from so-called “deaths of despair” from alcohol, drug use, suicide, and other factors. [Source: Daily Wire]

Despite the obvious, devastating affects the lockdowns would cause, our government pushed them anyway. Local and state leaders, fearful of what the media might say about them, ignored the heavy toll these lockdowns would bring.

Oh, you thought only the economic would be hurt? The economy is not just numbers and figures. The economy is made up of people, people who need to work and live a normal life. When you indiscriminately shut off people’s access to work, social programs, and life-sustaining support (like AA meetings and other lifelines), guess what? Things get really bad, fast.

Just look at those number. Overdoses jumped to 18 percent in March, 29 percent in April, and a staggering 42 percent in May. But we’re supposed to only look at the COVID numbers?

People are dying out of desperation—but governors are only concerned with charts that might hurt their image.

If COVID deaths jumped that high over those months, we’d be in lockdown until 2022. Yet our government is ignoring the alarms. Americans have suffered tremendously—not from a flu-like disease—but from the incompetence and cowardice of mayors, governors, and “health officials.”

Sadly, there’s not much we can even do. Americans had to protest to demand just a few of their freedoms back. But our leaders are all too eager to shut things down again, just so they look like they’re doing something.

Will they bother to address these overdose deaths? Will they bother to address the many deaths linked to Americans’ inability to go to the hospital in April or May? Will they bother to address the lives ruined on every level—because of their un-Constitutional lockdowns?

Of course not. Which means our only recourse is to make sure these goons aren’t working after November.

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