The United States has struggled with the fallout of the pandemic ever since March. Well into July, Americans fight to resume normal life, as the media keeps banging the fearmongering drum. Yet even as they hype up “surging” positive tests, the facts tell a different story. President Trump himself set the record straight.

I think we’re finally reaching a point where Americans have reached “herd immunity” for COVID bad news. For months we’ve had to put up with the mainstream media spewing epic levels of unrestrained fear, over something that is looking more and more like a paper tiger. Although it seems the storm of COVID has long ago passed, the liberal media continues to pressure us to cower in our homes from the boogeyman.

Dr. Fauci himself continues to spread unfounded fears (as is his reputation), claiming we’ll see 100,000 daily new “cases” (i.e.: positive tests). But the facts are much different:

Yet estimates cited by other U.S. public health authorities and academic researchers indicate we may have already far surpassed 100,000 new infections per day, the vast majority of them mild and/or asymptomatic. If so, the U.S. would now be significantly closer to herd immunity — and the end of the pandemic — than widely assumed. [Source: Just the News]

This seems to agree with other evidence that the new “cases” we’ve seen over the month of June have been mostly asymptomatic or had mild symptoms. The people testing positive are younger and are in no danger of dying. The “rise” in hospitalizations is the result of everyone admitted to a hospital being tested; most are not in the hospital for COVID.

On top of that, there has been more good news concerning the number of deaths and the effective treatment of a drug the media once claimed would kill you. Naturally, the media is ignoring it, so Trump spread the word.

President Trump took to Twitter to discussing the dropping death rate of COVID patients in the United States. This is good news, as those testing positive over the last few months are not suffering major symptoms and are recovering quickly. In some cases, they feel better in a matter of days. Yet the media ignores these facts to hype up new “cases,” urging people to continue to stay shuttered in their homes and wear masks wherever they go.

Both tactics are questionable when trying to prevent infection.

Then, of course, there is hydroxychloroquine. Early on in March, we learned that this 50-year-old malaria drug was producing wonderful results for COVID patients. Numerous studies suggested it was the key in treating the disease. Yet the media dismissed this life-saving medicine, producing one suspicious report that it might have negative side effects. All because Trump was championing it.

It’s also possible the corporate-run media downplayed HCQ, to push Gilead’s remdesivir, which costs several times more (a few doses costs $3000).

Recent, highly publicized studies, confirm what we’ve known for months, that HCQ significantly lowers the death rate for COVID patients. In fact, the death rate is double for those who don’t take it.

Pretty shocking that the media ignored that, huh? They were fine with spreading fear, discouraging people from taking this drug, just to prolong the crisis.

Now, why would they do that, hmm? Perhaps they cared more about how this might influence the 2020 Election, rather than seeing America return to normal?

The left-wing media has loved COVID. It was a gift from Satan himself. They have overhyped this flu to no end, just to spread fear and hysteria. All because they were hoping it would hurt the economy and damage Trump’s biggest accomplishment.

But, once again, the pathetic media is failing.

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