Most Americans don’t take Democrats seriously when they say they want to “defund the police.” But socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez proves them wrong, once again. In a recent town hall, she promised to not only defund our cops, but to “experiment” in order to find a lasting solution. Proving, that she has no idea how to keep Americans safe.

Don’t chalk up the defund the police movement to a few overeager Democrats in an election year. The far-left of the party want cops gone. Moderate Democrats have proven they are unwilling to rein in these radical idiots, giving more ground to dangerous, un-American politicians like Ilhan Omar and AOC.

The defund police agenda will go through, unless Americans oppose it at the polls. In fact, AOC not only wants it full steam ahead, she even discussed it during a recent meeting. She literally wants to defund our cops. Worse still, she has no idea what to replace them with.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez… said Thursday that public safety will require “experimentation” after police departments are defunded…

“And this conversation— figuring out that path forward— as much as we want policy to be ‘I’m going to propose it, I’m going to have all of the answers’ and put a neat little bow and pass this one law once and everything is going to be fixed, that’s how we wish all of this stuff works, but what really it’s going to take it experimentation, and to ask, ‘What if?’” she said. [Source: Breitbart]

What kind of idiot wants to defund the police, but has no clue what to do afterwards? That’s like jumping out of a plane without a parachute. AOC just admitted she’d “experiment” with the safety and well-being of 130 million Americans. She wants to ask “what if” we use social workers to protect our streets?

Sorry, kid, but the safety of American lives is too important to leave to chance. “What if’s” are nice, when you’re writing a book. But the only force that can prevent violent criminals from running over our cities is police.

We’ve seen in numerous liberal cities what happens when cops are not allowed to do their job. From Portland to New York, rioters, anarchists, and violent thugs have turned once respected cities into virtual warzones. All because the Democrats in charge prevent cops from stopping them.

What’s going to happen when the cops are totally defunded? What’s are Democrats going to do when criminals break into homes, unimpeded, doing as they please to innocent civilians? You want to rely on “what if’s” then?

Are we really going to risk our lives over an idea as idiotic as defunding the police? Is anyone willing to take this woman seriously?

She is determined to wipe out our police departments, but has no clue what to replace them with! That’s not a plan, Alex, that’s not even half of a plan. If you want to make a demand as devastating as defunding the police, at least pretend you have something else in mind.

Instead, AOC wants to experiment with the future of our country. She wants to leave your life and safety up to a coin toss.

At least Black Lives Matter is being honest about their goals. They want to stripe funding from cops so it can go to “communities,” i.e.: themselves. For BLM, this is just about enriching their members, period.

What is this about for AOC? Is she, like these activists, just trying to get rich quick? That’s very likely. Why else would a politician push something as radical and dangerous as defunding the police, but have no alternative plan?

The only solution, of course, is to make sure idiots like AOC are booted out of office.

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