The city of Seattle was sent reeling after anarchists created an “autonomous zone.” Mayor Durkan told the police to stand down and refused to close CHOP, refusing to uphold law and order. Durkan even lied about the zone several times. Only after people died (and her home was threatened) was it shutdown. Outraged, citizens are demanding action. And a judge just granted their wish.

Let me take you through what’s going in cities across Americans. Don’t think this election is a matter of life and death? Just look at how Democrats are running some of the largest cities in America. Cities including Chicago, New York, Seattle, Portland, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and more are being turned into Mad Max-style warzones. Police departments are being defunded as Democrat mayors bow to radical leftists who are calling for the overthrow of our way of life.

The immediate outcome is that crime is surging in these cities. Law-abiding citizens are being abandoned by their elected leaders, as criminals are given free rein. It will only get worse from here on out.

Seattle was just the prototype. Mayor Durkan sat back as radical leftists took over six blocks of the city. She did nothing as conditions deteriorated—abandoning residents and business owners. Even after several young people were killed, she dragged her feet. She even rejected Trump’s offers of using federal forces. Until, of course, these anarchists stormed her neighborhood. CHOP was shut down pretty fast after that.

It seems Seattle residents have had enough of Durkan’s this lack of leadership, and they are taking action.

A King County, Washington, Superior Court Judge has approved a petition for a recall election for Democrat Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan.

The Seattle Times reported that the Friday ruling over Durkan’s recent handling of police brutality can proceed, allowing petitioners to start getting enough signatures to get the recall measure on the ballot.

KOMO reported that the plaintiffs behind the petition would have to collect 50,000 signatures before an election can be held…

The recall effort is called the “Fire the Mayor” campaign. [Source: Breitbart]

What’s interesting is that it appears the people trying to recall Durkan are more upset about actions she took to defend the city. Accusing her of “endanger(ing) the peace and safety of the community,” their real beef with the mayor has to do with allowing the police to leak “false information” and using tear gas.

But the movement to remove her from office will have support—perhaps—from virtually all people groups in Seattle. Law-abiding residents had to watch the unthinkable happen in their own city. They had to listen to Durkan lie about CHOP, saying it was a “block party” that might turn into the Summer of Love. Citizens were harassed, robbed, shaken down, and killed.

It’s pretty hilarious that those who oppose police brutality (and perhaps supported CHOP) are the ones spearheading the recall movement. Durkan, like so many other Democrats, tried to bend over backwards for these radicals. Yet now, they are working with regular citizens to remove her from office.

That’s what you get when you pander to people who hate our country and defy law and order.

Recalling Durkan is a fantastic idea. But it doesn’t go far enough. Law-abiding citizens who love America need to fight back, and hard. They cannot let liberals run this country anymore.

If you want to see more “autonomous zones” popping up all over the country, vote Democrat. If you want cops defund, vote Democrat. If you want shootings to skyrocket, the economy to collapse, and for socialism to erode our traditions, vote Democrat.

If you actually want to live in peace and prosperity, vote Republican.

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