Joe Biden recently promised to change our immigration policy, ensuring that endless low-skilled aliens would take blue-collar jobs. Biden would reverse the progress Trump has made to protect American workers and save the economy. But Trump defied the Democrat’s plan, promising a system that outraged leftists.

Do you want to know why Democrats are so eager to flood the country with low-skilled laborers? Why are they so unwilling to protect the border and stop illegal immigration? It has nothing to do with helping these “poor, unfortunate” souls. But it has everything to do with placating their globalist donors—as well as disrupting our elections.

Democrats want low-skilled workers because they not only take jobs from Americans (forcing more Americans into poverty and onto government programs), but they are easily manipulated by Democrats. Many of the people who come here less-than-legally are promised jobs, food stamps, government health care, and more by Democrats. The only catch? That these illegals vote for Democrats in elections.

(That’s also why, big surprise, Democrats are so opposed to voter ID laws.)

President Trump called out Joe Biden’s recent promise to flood our jobs market with low-skilled immigrants. Instead, Trump is promising a new immigration order that will implement a merit-based system, something Democrats have been fighting for years.

President Donald Trump slammed Joe Biden’s promise to flood the blue-collar labor market with new migrants and refugees in a Rose Garden speech on July 14…

“So they want a lot of people come in with low skills … Think of that: Vastly expand low-skilled immigration to the United States. These are the things that are in the plan…”

“In the not-too-distant future, pretty soon I’m going to be signing a new immigration action — very, very big merit-based immigration action … it’s going to be based on merit. It’s going to be very strong.” [Source: Breitbart]

Why are Democrats so opposed to merit-based immigration? Well, for starters, it means fewer immigrants can enter. If you have to prove you have some skill or education that would be valuable to the United States, that immediately discourages folks who want to come here for free government aid. It also means the majority of immigrants coming in are educated—i.e.: they are far less likely to be manipulated by Democrat propaganda.

It also means these immigrants will want better-paying jobs in offices and other fields. That doesn’t help globalists, who need more poor workers in their fields and factories. Nothing about a merit-based system helps the Democrats win elections (and keep big donors happy). So, they oppose it.

But a merit-based system will ensure that incoming immigrants want to make America better. They will be far more likely to embrace our culture and values (unlike refugees and benefit seekers). They will work to make the country a better place, rather than become yet another burden on our welfare system.

People who work hard for a better life are less-likely to vote away their freedoms. Many immigrants flee to America from socialist dictatorships. Why would they want the same thing here? A merit-based system would protect American values and secure our prosperity. It would also protect Americans jobs by limiting how many people can enter the U.S. any given year.

All those things would make us stronger and more prosperous. And they’ve been championed by Trump for years. So, of course, the Democrats don’t want it to happen.

Hmm… really makes you wonder what Democrats are really after?

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