Over the years, American companies and colleges have become more eager to do business with China. In exchange for exporting their products overseas, they have embraced the ever-tightening rules of the Chinese Communist Party. By now, the Chinese government has major sway over what U.S. companies can do or say. Now, Attorney General Barr is exposing this scheme and calling out these companies.

In recent years, we’ve seen the communist regime of China do horrendous things. They are well-known for their censorship and denial of basic freedoms to their citizens. Much has been said online about their treatment of Hong Kong. The CCP also controls what their people can see and say online. Then there are the questionable actions they took during the early days of the pandemic.

But do you want to know who—in America—refuses to discuss China’s unacceptable behavior? The American media, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, universities, and major corporations. In fact, entities like the press and sports leagues have silenced or ignored people who try to call China out on its corruption. In fact, when President Trump calls out China, our own media criticizes him and call him racist—a line they got from China.

AG Bill Barr is not letting China get away with its scheme to undermine American values and freedoms. And he blasted U.S. companies for bowing to China’s whims.

Attorney General William Barr called out U.S. companies for kowtowing to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for short-term profits and importing censorious values in the process…

“Although Americans hoped that trade and investment would liberalize China’s political system, the fundamental character of the regime has never changed … The CCP surveils its own people and assigns them social credit scores, employs an army of government censors, tortures dissidents, and persecutes religious and ethnic minorities…

“But instead of America changing China, China is leveraging its economic power to change America”…

“In a globalized world, American corporations and universities alike may view themselves as global citizens, rather than American institutions,” Barr said. “But they should remember that what allowed them to succeed in the first place was the American free enterprise system, the rule of law, and the security afforded by America’s economic, technological, and military strength.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Barr called out the many ways American companies have obeyed China’s demands. Hollywood studios agree to chance scripts so that the films can play in China—something they’d never do if the U.S. government demanded it. American tech companies have worked with the CCP to censor the Internet and crack down on their people.

American universities allow CCP propaganda to be taught in their classes, even employing professors that work for the Chinese government. The Chinese government requires Americans businesses to partner with state-owned entities, giving the CCP incredible influence over how U.S. businesses make decisions. Chinese investors own stake in American companies, including media outlets. This has compelled the press to stay silent on Chinese injustices, for fear of losing cash.

Barr condemned companies for betraying the values that allowed them to thrive in the first place. He called on all business to “rekindle a love and devotion” to the United States. Yet it’s unlikely many will heed his call. Many of the CEOs and heads of these firms are devoted leftists, sharing more in common with communists than American patriots. And those who don’t love the money they get from China more than American values and freedoms.

It’s clear that the Trump administration will have to eventually step in and create new polices to sever U.S. company ties with foreign governments. More than that, though, Americans need to speak up and confront those businesses that put communist China ahead of our own country.

If they refuse to hold China accountable, they don’t get our money.

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