The Center of Disease Control and Prevention is a federal agency devoted to protecting the health of Americans. They are supposed to serve the public—and because of that—be free from political bias. But a new report reveals an overwhelming number of employees donated to this political group. It is starting raise questions on where the agency’s loyalty lies.

During the COVID panic, the CDC dropped the ball again and again. They claimed, back in January, that the disease would not be a problem. They were slow to approve and expanding testing in February. In March, they discouraged Americans from wearing masks outside. And even today, we are learning that the way they counted positive tests (and deaths) was so shoddy, HHS had to take over.

How could a group devoted to controlling disease do such a terrible job—when we needed them the most? For starters: it’s a government agency. You can’t count on the government to do a good job, thanks to the innate corruption and lack of accountability. When the chips are down, the group that usually pulls through is: the free market. That’s largely because the free market is run by hard-working Americans that want to get the job done.

Government agencies will never match that. But there could be another reason the CDC has done such a poor job addressing COVID-19. Perhaps their staff deliberately dropped the ball—or slowed progress in battling this disease—because of political bias. Maybe they wanted the president to look bad.

No, that’s crazy, you might say. But how do you explain this staggering trend?

Employees at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have made more than 8,000 contributions totaling over $285,000 to Democratic candidates and causes since 2015, according to a Daily Caller News Foundation analysis of political contributions…

The contributions were made by more than 550 people who listed the CDC as their employer on FEC forms. The contributors serve at various levels of management, ranging from nurses and information technology personnel to epidemiologists, public health advisors and the chief financial officer…

The most common recipient was ActBlue, an online fundraising platform for Democratic and left-leaning organizations. [Source: Daily Caller]

For years, hundreds of CDC staff donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Democrats’ fundraising platform, ActBlue. That’s the same platform that is raising money to get a doddering old man with dementia into the White House. The same platform that partners with Black Lives Matter, a radical group that wants cops gone.

Over 500 staff, including nurses, tech support and even public health advisors and the CFO, are donating to the Democrats. Which means… drum rolling please… they are Democrats!

An agency that reports to Donald Trump, that is supposed to carry out his plan to help America, is infested with hundreds of people who most likely hate his guts.

They have probably donated to Joe Biden’s campaign more than once this year. Do you think, perhaps, their political bias would get in the way of their work?

Consider what a poor job the CDC has done since the start of the panic. Also consider how the media and Democrats have been trying to use the crisis to paint Trump as a failure. Every positive test, every death, they blame on the president. They don’t blame the people at the CDC, whose very job it is to prevent infection and death.

Hmm… picture coming in clear enough now?

Given this new report, we have to seriously question what is motivating the response at the CDC. Is the data they compile accurate? Are they telling us the truth about the disease (and other diseases)? Can we trust them to provide reliable information about staying safe at any time?

And should the White House do something about this overwhelming bias? I think you know that answer to that one.

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