At the height of the Spring lockdowns, Democratic leaders denied Americans the right to worship. In California, the governor has passed more and more restrictions against churches, from preventing them from singing to shutting them down entirely again. But CA residents are waking up to their leader’s abusive scheme. And numerous churches are fighting back.

Isn’t it funny how Democrats decided what is and isn’t “essential” during the lockdowns? Liquor stores were deemed essential in most places, but houses of worship weren’t. Such a thing would have been reversed in previous generations. But from coast to coast, Democrat mayors and governors denied religious Americans their First Amendment rights.

Eventually, the president himself signed an executive order designating churches as essential. Attorney General Barr has backed America’s churches, promising to defend them against abusive local governments. You’d think the governor of California would have taken that as a hint?


Earlier in the Summer, he passed the absurd rule that churchgoers would not be allowed to sing at church. What is this, 1984? Then he shut down churches entirely once again, when positive tests increased. Of course, he didn’t shut down Black Lives Matter riots and protests, where people do not take any precautions.

So, numerous churches are finally striking back.

Churches are fighting back against California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s orders to keep churches shuttered, even forbidding singing in small groups who are gathering to worship on Sunday…

Pastor Greg Fairrington prayed for Newsom in a sermon on Sunday, telling his congregation that they were engaged in a spiritual battle against the government for the right to worship freely…

The Washington Examiner reported on three churches that have sued Newsom after he mandated they suspend singing…

“This ban is clearly targeted at religion,” Jordan Sekulow, executive director of the American Center for Law and Justice, one of the nonprofit law firms representing the churches, said. “It is clearly a violation of the First Amendment and a direct violation of religious liberty.” [Source: Breitbart]

Lawsuits are mounting. One church is planning to hold a large protest this weekend. The tide is turning as California residents are realizing that their governor is deliberately targeting churches out of a disgust for religious faith.

Does that sound like a stretch to you? Did Democrats attack any other vital institutions during the lockdowns? Did they prevent people from going to the grocery store or liquor store? You say those places are essential, what about places that feed our souls? This country is made up of millions of faithful believers across multiple religions. They consider going to church or services essential for their spiritual growth.

But Democrats don’t care at all about your spiritual well-being. In fact, they’d be happier if you were just as godless and miserable as they were! After all, people who don’t believe in a Higher Power are far more likely to worship at the feet of the government.

Newsom singling out churches is a sign that he’d do this anyway, virus or no virus. This panic has exposed the left’s true colors: those of dictators that want to control every aspect of our lives. An America filled with faithful believers, singing praises to God in houses of worship so disgusts Newsom, that he tried to shut them down.

But churches across the state are fighting back. Hopefully many more will follow them. The governor can’t arrest them all. And if the movement grows, it won’t matter if he outlawed church or not—the faithful will win.

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