Unchecked riots and violence have ripped across liberal cities. The federal government has been forced to send in officers to end weeks of chaos in major cities coast to coast. Chicago just might be the worst-hit place, with shootings and murders getting out of control. But just as the president prepares to save lives, the mayor tweets out this insanity.

Democrats have completely lost their minds. There’s no other way to put it. Maybe once, long ago, they had some shred of leadership. But today it’s clear all they care about are their paychecks and pensions. When COVID hit, they shut down their cities—forcing millions out of work. Even now, they refuse any chance at recovery.

Meanwhile, they applauded violent riots that led to endless destruction, death, and devastation. Not only do Democrat mayors refuse to end the violence, they are defunding police departments so they can’t protect citizens. The violence in major cities have reached all-time highs. President Trump has promised the federal government will step in and solve the problem.

But the mayor of Chicago decided it was more important to tweet, than protect her people.

Even as Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot was accusing President Trump of trying to “terrorize” her city by sending in federal forces to quell skyrocketing crime, bullets were flying Tuesday evening outside a South Side funeral home in a shocking fusillade of gunfire that left at least 14 people wounded.

Lightfoot’s Twitter message vowing to bar the feds and referring to the Trump administration as a “dictatorship” went out almost simultaneously as the drive-by attack, and on a day when a number of other shootings occurred elsewhere in the city.

“Under no circumstances will I allow Donald Trump’s troops to come to Chicago and terrorize our residents,” Lightfoot wrote. [Source: Fox News]

Nice timing, idiot!

Lightfoot is pushing a narrative cooked up by brainless Democrats to combat Trump’s response to the endless riots. He’s sending in federal forces to apprehend Antifa leaders and other instigators of violence. Democrats respond by calling federal law enforcement (brave men and women sworn to uphold our laws) “stormtroopers” who “terrorize” residents.

Notice how Lightfoot is calling hardened criminals who gun down innocent families “residents” and men who arrest them are “terrorizing” the city. Have you seen delusion this chronic before? Not since Hillary Clinton in 2016 whined “Why aren’t why winning by 50 points?” have we seen a Democrat so disconnected with reality.

Here’s a newsflash: federal forces are stationed in major cities all the time. They have offices in every city in America. FBI and other agents work regularly with local law enforcement to solve crimes and protect Americans. Trump is not “sending in troops” to harass peaceful civilians. He is directing federal authorities to do what Lightfoot and other Democrats were supposed to do weeks ago: stop the violence.

I also find it hilarious that a mayor thinks she has the authority to stop federal forces from restoring order to a city. What is she going to do, stand in the road and stop the cars from entering Chicago? Spoiler Lightfoot: the President of the United States has a wee bit more authority than you. He doesn’t need your permission or approval to send in federal law enforcement to end weeks of violence.

In fact, those forces have already been there for a long time, gathering data and simply waiting for the right moment to act. These are highly-trained and effective officers who aren’t hamstrung by corrupt Democrat mayors. They will strategically stop the violence by apprehended the thugs behind it.

The real worry Lightfoot has? Perhaps that the federal government will find out that some of the actors creating chaos were working for left-leaning organizations all along. That would be a nasty revelation, wouldn’t it?

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