For months, President Trump has sounded the alarm on mail-in ballots. He warned they could lead to massive voter fraud. Numerous stories have revealed the uncertainty of voting by mail. Now, a new emergency memo from the Post Office reveals Trump’s concerns were right on the money.

Think about this for a second: how many times has something you’ve been expecting been lost in the mail? How many Amazon packages, birthday cards, or other important items never reached your door? Probably too many to count. The inconsistency of the USPS is why companies like FedEx and UPS do such good business.

To be honest, the Post Office is only still around because it’s the cheapest option, not the best. Yet Democrats have been trying to push mail-in voting all year, expecting us to believe our ballots will not get lost, stolen, or damaged before they reach the elections office.

President Trump has warned us about the many problems with mail-in voting from the start. Naturally, the left-wing media has ignored him. Now, a new memo from the USPS reveals the service is facing serious cutbacks—which will affect anyone who votes by mail.

Mail-in voting across the country has led to a series of anomalous results in recent weeks – including delayed, misplaced and missing ballots, a review by Fox News has found.

As the issues surfaced, Fox News obtained a copy of a recent U.S. Postal Service (USPS) memo sent to employees detailing budget-related cutbacks. Mark Dimondstein, the president of the America Postal Workers Union, told Fox News that the changes are significantly slowing down mail delivery, and that he is concerned about the impact it will have on mail-in ballots in November…

In the memo, the USPS says mail carriers may have to leave mail behind at distribution centers in order to make it on time to their delivery routes.

“One aspect of these changes that may be difficult for employees is that – temporarily – we may see mail left behind or mail on the workroom floor or docks (in P&DCs), which is not typical,” the memo reads. [Source: Fox News]

Oh, that’s nice. Cutbacks at the Post Office will result in mail being literally left on the floor. Do you want your ballot for the 2020 Election left uncounted because a mailroom worker just left it behind? Or perhaps you’ve been waiting for your ballot, eager to send it back in, but it comes much too late for you to fill it out?

Reports reveal that some processing centers, including the international one in Chicago, are facing long delays—resulting in mail being delayed for months. Imagine waiting to get your ballot until December or it not reaching its destination until next year?

Those are some of the fun consequences we get to enjoy if we opt to vote by mail. Democrats know this. That’s why they want our democracy dependent on a service that is already weighed down by millions of other pieces of mail. They are hoping the USPS is too burdened to handle the job properly.

President Trump warned that fraudsters would forge ballots, print out thousands of fake ballots, or try other methods to cheat the election. News reports revealed hundreds of blank ballots left in an apartment stairwell. A mail truck was set ablaze recently, carrying mail-in ballots.

You can just imagine the many things that could happen to a ballot between your house and the elections office. A mail carrier can drop it. It can get jammed in processing machinery. Someone in your neighborhood could steal it. Or it can be misplaced before it reaches the right location.

Or, you can just go to a voting place on Election Day and just cast your vote then. Sounds like a much saner solution.

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