For over six weeks straight, radical anarchists have been rioting in downtown Portland. The mayor refuses to intervene, siding with violent demonstrators who destroy property and endanger lives. Federal law enforcement has been called in to end the chaos. Now, a civil rights group is condemning the spree, exposing this important detail.

So, Democrats, how have all these planned riots worked out for you? Oh, yes, this was the work of the Democrats. People die tragically at the hands of the police every year. But this year, one man’s death sparked endless riots and destruction across the country. As if on cue, Democrat mayors slashed police funding, so crime would only get worse.

This all happened so the media would blame it on Trump. They want us to think that in Trump’s America, black people have no choice but to riot and destroy their own cities.

The problem? We all know it’s a farce. Democrats funded the groups that started these riots, bailed out rioters, and prevented cops from stopping them. This stuff isn’t happening in conservative cities and states. Americans are only watching Democrats destroy their own homes.

And for what? To help black people? Hardly. In Portland, rioters have been attacking the federal courthouse for nearly 2 months. Finally, local civil rights groups are stepping in, admitting this has nothing to do with black lives.

A number of civil rights leaders, including the head of Portland, Oregon’s local branch of the NAACP, Rev. E.D. Mondainé, are calling out the mostly white demonstrations in the city — increasingly violent protests that have now gone on for nearly two months…

Mondaine even accused protesters of leaving black Americans behind by shifting the focus to themselves and their confrontation with the Trump administration over the White House’s decision to deploy federal officials to help control the city’s nightly violence. [Source: Daily Wire]

Of course, as a left-wing progressive, Mondainé is blaming white people for all of black people’s problems. He even blames white people for coopting riots meant to help black people’s causes. But we know these riots were never about saving black lives. Dozens of black Americans, including children, have been lost thanks to BLM’s reckless violence.

But Mondainé has been forced to admit, just a little bit, that what is going on in Portland is only hurting his left-wing cause. Americans won’t be willing to listen to BLM, progressives, Democrats, or even Joe Biden—when these people sit back and let Portland burn.

The only people encouraging violence and destruction are Democrats. Every sane American is watching President Trump and Republicans support black lives by ending the chaos. Democrats, on the other hand, talk a big talk about supporting black folks—but then do nothing as cities with high black populations are overrun with rioters.

Mondainé, much like Charlamagne Tha God last week, is watching the left’s carefully-laid plans fall apart. The radio host ordered Joe Biden to stop talking, knowing the VP is ruining his chances. Now, Mondaine is ordering Antifa and other radicals to stop burning Portland, but it’s only ruining the left’s attempt to steal the election through violence.

These riots only kind of, sort of worked when they were about police brutality and racism. You can’t say that about what’s going on in Portland—a predominately white city in a predominately white region of the country. Americans watch as spoiled, entitled, arrogant liberals from a flakey, left-wing city riot and pillage.

Few Americans are willing to accept that these protests are about protecting black lives. They are seeing that leftists only care about destroying our country, our way of life, and our neighborhoods.

Mondainé is trying to end it, but he’s much too late. If he and his party were smart, they would have never gone down this road in the first place.

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