In the fallout of the COVID panic, churches and religious institutions were slammed. Even now, numerous states deny the faithful their First Amendment rights. These same states sit back as rioters and looters gathered by the thousands. Sen. Ted Cruz has had enough. And his latest bill will hit Dems where it hurts the most.

You might be wondering why Democrats were so quick to shut down churches during the COVID panic. Some claim it was a dastardly scheme to erase the First Amendment rights of religious Americans. I can’t say it that’s for sure, but we do know one of the reasons. Democrats have so little respect for religious faith, they didn’t even think about finding a solution to keep churches open.

That would have never have happened in previous generations.

President Trump had to sign an executive order declaring places of worship essential. Attorney General Barr instructed the DOJ to investigate any cases where states violated the rights of churches and faith groups. He even backed several lawsuits where churches fought for their rights. Big surprise, the churches won.

Yet Democrats continue to violate the rights of religious people. In California, they can’t even sing in a church, a clear violation of the “free exercise” of religious Americans. In many states, churches can’t meet in normal-sized gatherings. Liberals online criticize Christians and others for “daring” to meet in public, claiming they are “killing” others.

But these same Democrats applaud wild riots where thousands destroy their cities. Um… hypocrisy much?

Now Ted Cruz has a brilliant plan to make Democrats really regret their discrimination:

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) introduced legislation on Tuesday that would render state and local governments ineligible for federal coronavirus relief funds if the attorney general deems they are discriminating against religious individuals or institutions.

According to the text of the proposed bill, the Safeguarding Americans from Coronavirus and Religious Exercise Discrimination (SACRED) Act endeavors “to ensure that a State or local jurisdiction is ineligible to receive or use funds allocated, appropriated, or authorized to address COVID-19 if that State or jurisdiction discriminates against religious individuals or religious institutions, and for other purposes.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Right now, states are aching for federal funds to cover the explosive costs of COVID-19. On top of that, blue states have been drowning in debt for years, thanks to reckless spending and unchecked pensions. But this bill will deny federal aid to states that have been discriminating against religious people and groups.

That would mean states like California, Minnesota, New York, Oregon, and Seattle (who also allowed rioters to destroy their cities) would get nothing. How ya gonna fix the mess you made, Gov. Newsom, when the federal government refuses to bail you out?

Liberals seem to live under the impression that they can do anything they want, with zero consequences. They’ll just get the taxpayer to bail them out!

It seems Democrats act like irresponsible college kids who think daddy will pay all their bills.

Meanwhile, they continue to violate the rights of America’s faithful.

It’s too soon to see if Cruz’s bill will gain traction in Congress. It would have to face plenty of hurdles before it reached Trump’s desk. But the sentiment it carries is certainly felt by millions of Americans. Should Republicans retake the House in November, measures like this might become commonplace.

All it takes is for Americans to get sick and tired of electing leftists to office.

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