Riots and violence have been going on in Portland for weeks, with much of the activity focused on a federal courthouse and the surrounding area. The local Democratic leaders have been unwilling to end the chaos, so federal law enforcement stepped in. Even after negotiating a deal with the federal government, the violence continues. So, Trump promises greater measures to defend the city.

You really have to wonder what has happened to Democrats. Radical anarchists have been assaulting Portland for nearly two months. They storm a courthouse, attacking it and bystanders with explosives. These rioters can only be called terrorists at this point. But what are Democrats really upset about? The fact that federal law enforcement is trying to restore law and order.

Kind of makes you wonder who’s side the Democrats are on? No, we don’t have to wonder, we know Democrats are on the side of rioters and terrorists. The governor of Oregon tried to come to an agreement with the federal government. The Feds would leave if state and local police can control the situation. That’s yet to happen, so Trump is promising more action.

President Donald Trump threatened Thursday to send the National Guard into Portland, Oregon, to quell the nightly riots that have consumed the city’s federal courthouse and prompted clashes between left-wing extremists and the law enforcement officers tasked with protecting federal property…

During a press conference at the White House, Trump said that federal agents will remain in Portland under an agreement with the governor in order to monitor whether the state is capable of restoring peace in the city.

“And if they don’t do it, we will send in the National Guard and we’ll take care of it,” said Trump, also adding that “many should be arrested because these are professional agitators — these are professional anarchists.” [Source: Daily Wire]

At this point, nobody in their right minds can say what’s going on in Portland (or in other liberal cities) is an “grassroots” movement. These aren’t loyal citizens marching for a righteous cause. These are trained and paid actors who have been hired to stir up trouble. Mostly radicals in their 20s, these rioters have been paid to create as much trouble as possible.

Why? Because it was an orchestrated attempt to influence the 2020 Election. Democrats wanted Americans to think that widespread protests were the result of Donald Trump’s leadership—hoping people would vote for a man with dementia instead. But it backfired tremendously when Democrat mayors and governors refused to quell the chaos.

Democrats, after all, ignored the destruction and death, claiming these demonstrators were peaceful. They were the ones who told their police to stand down, then followed that up by promising to cut police departments. Donald Trump, on the other hand, respected Americans’ right to peacefully protest, but vowed to end violence against property, monuments, and local residents.

What’s going on in Portland, Seattle, and other places has the left’s fingerprints all over it. It’s not happening in conservative states, where Antifa has little presence or support. This is only going on because it’s an election year and Democrats have no other options left. Instead of winning Americans over with good ideas and policy, they are trying to scare us into voting for them.

But even Democrat voters are blaming the left for months of insanity. Most Americans reached their breaking point after the lockdowns. Now, we are watching Democrats look the other way at violence and mayhem. Why should any of us vote for these idiots in November?

If you ask me, Trump shouldn’t send in the National Guard. This is the bed the left made for themselves. Let them burn in it.

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