The terrible “defund the police” movement began in Minneapolis. After three nights of devastating riots, the radical city council decided to not only take funds from the cops, but to shut them down altogether. The sentiment to defund PDs spread rapidly through the Democratic Party. The Minneapolis council eventually voted to approve abolishing the cops, but they’ve just hit a major snag.

You can wonder all day how a city council would vote to get rid of cops, after their city was nearly destroyed by violent riots. The death of one man couldn’t justify such a radical move, yet the far-left members of Minneapolis’ city council thought they could win over voters by getting rid of cops. You know, the one group dedicated to protecting black lives?

Democrats from coast to coast decided to follow their lead, promising to heavily slash funding from their own police departments. A few other cities, like Portland, wanted to also completely eliminate cops from their streets.

In Minneapolis, the entire city council voted to get rid of the police department. Yet after all the media coverage and hype, it was far from a done deal. Few media outlets bothered to explain that the city council couldn’t just abolish the PD. In fact, it would take a change to the city’s charter—and that requires a ballot measure.

But it looks like Minneapolis residents won’t even be voting on it come November.

A Minneapolis commission on Wednesday prevented the Democrat-controlled Minneapolis City Council’s amendment to dismantle the city’s police department from appearing on the ballot this November, saying that it needed more time to evaluate the proposal…

“The issue would likely have gone to voters if the commission had acted decisively either for or against the amendment,” CBS News added. “That’s because the City Council was required only to consult the commission and was not bound by their action. But the lack of a final decision means the proposal won’t clear deadlines to make the ballot this November.” [Source: Daily Wire]

The Charter Commission accused the city council of trying to move too fast. They said that a measure as important as abolishing the police department required more time to be evaluated. Because of that, it will not meet deadlines to end up on the November ballot.

This comes after a Gallup News poll revealed that the vast majority of Americans don’t want police departments defunded or abolished (duh). In fact, 81% of black Americans want the same number of cops on the streets, or even more. Considering Democrats pushed this idiotic movement because they thought it’s what black voters wanted, be sure to see them abandon it immediately.

The Charter Commission is obviously trying to save the city council from itself. But honestly, it should have let them have what they wanted. The people of Minneapolis voted for this radical, incompetent council. They need to learn the consequences of supporting insane, left-wing Democrats. Yes, abolishing the police would have been a disaster, but the city would have never voted for these idiots again.

But perhaps the cost of the lesson would have been too high. Had voters passed the measure and the cops were replaced with the bogus “Department of Community Safety and Violence Prevention,” how many lives would have been lost? Minneapolis already has the highest crime rate in the country. How bad would have gotten, if the cops really were eliminated?

We won’t ever know. But even with the Charter Commission intervening, the city needs to wake up. Their council nearly signed their death certificates. If they want Minneapolis to turn around, they need to jettison these “leaders” ASAP. Vote in council members that want law and order.

But will they learn? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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