As Trump stepped in to end riots nationwide, the city of Portland saw months of chaos. Even after Trump sent in federal law enforcement, the Democrats leaders of the city wanted them gone. The DHS made a deal with the state and city to withdraw if local police did their job. But the acting head of the agency promised that if problems continued, they’re not going anywhere.

It seemed that, in the wake of George Floyd protests, the Democrats encouraged widespread riots and vandalism in their own cities. We know this is true, because Democrats paid to bail out rioters, they called the violence “peaceful,” and refused to send in law enforcement to protect lives and property. They went on to defund police departments, which led to greater crime.

Perhaps they were hoping Trump will quickly swoop in with Feds to save the day. That way, the violence would end, but Democrats could attack Trump and call him a dictator. But Trump gave them rope to hang themselves on, saying that state and local leaders had to end the violence (which was the lawful response). Residents watched as their own elected officials sat back and let rioters destroy their communities. Only when it was clear that these Democrats were good for nothing, did Trump send in federal law enforcement.

Portland was perhaps the worst. Endless nights of rioting. And the state and local leaders were only upset when federal agents stepped in to end it. An agreement was made for the Feds to pull out. But the acting head of DHS made it clear, they weren’t leaving.

Acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Chad Wolf testified before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs this morning, to address the Trump administration’s response to the attack on a federal courthouse in Portland, Ore.

In his opening statement, Wolf told the Senate panel that a “full, augmented federal force” will remain in the city, on standby, as protests that have often turned violent over the last month continue.

“They will remain until we are assured the Hatfield courthouse will no longer be attacked,” said Wolf. “Make no mistake: There continues to be violence in Portland.” [Source: Just the News]

Federal authorities have been able to quell most of the violence in Portland. But because of the state and the city’s continued resistance, violence continues. The Department of Homeland Security is not going to just pack up and leave, when radical anarchists keep destroying property and endangering American lives.

Recent nights have seen rioters target other parts of the city. The Hatfield courthouse might be getting a break, but these anarchists have not yet been defeated. That’s largely thanks to the local Democratic leadership, who refuses to make arrests and prosecute these criminals. It appears federal authorities have rounded up many of the rioters’ leaders, but some continue to wreak havoc.

The original agreement saw the removal of federal officers, but only if state and local police took over. The ongoing existence of violent demonstrators proves that the cops aren’t doing their job. This is probably more due to the mayor and governor refusing to let them do the right thing, than the cops themselves unable to do it.

This kind of stupidity will continue, so long as radical leftists are elected in Portland. Residents appear to be waking up to this fact, but only when they elect new leadership (that respects law and order) will their city be truly safe.

Hopefully, it’s not too late for Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, D.C., and so many other blue cities.

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