Since Chicago Democrats moved to defund and weaken the police, crime in the Windy City has skyrocketed. Shootings and murders have surpassed previous years. But it got much, much worse today. After a reported confrontation between the police and an armed suspect Sunday night, widespread looting and rioting occurred. Police were reportedly overwhelmed. City officials have yet to do anything.

The overall unrest in the U.S., with numerous protests and riots, started in early Summer. But we were told these “peaceful” demonstrations (which included burning down houses and churches and tearing down statues), were all about the death of George Floyd. Many Americans were fed up with “racist” police departments and were demanding justice. They no longer wanted to see so-called innocent, unarmed black men attacked by police.

That excuse has long gone out the window. Last night, police in Chicago confronted a man with a gun. They chased the culprit and reportedly shots were fired. Clearly, this man had put officer and civilian lives in danger. What happened next had nothing to do with “social justice” or racial equality.

Widespread looting and police clashes in downtown Chicago were caught on video early Monday, in response to a police-involved shooting Sunday that wounded a suspect in his late teens or early 20s…

The situation seemed to continue to intensify and reportedly led to widespread riots across the city, including the Magnificent Mile.

Andy Ngo, the conservative journalist, took to Twitter to say “BLM-inspired rioting and looting is happening in Chicago tonight.” He wrote that police “look completely overwhelmed.”

Ryan Baker, an anchor for CBS Chicago, also tweeted, “Absolute chaos in downtown Chicago with more overnight looting and vandalism in the Loop. Appears to be coordinated effort with minimal police presence.” [Source: Fox News]

There’s no reason why police from a major city should be overwhelmed by looting or rioting. Where are the SWAT teams? Where are the riot-control specialists? And for that matter, where is the response from Mayor Lightfoot and the rest of the city leaders?

Why haven’t they condemned the riots yet? Why haven’t they backed police officers, so they could protect lives and property?

The mayor of Chicago has repeatedly criticized President Trump for discussing sending in federal law enforcement. At one point, she even claimed she’d stop them from entering the city.

Okay, Lightfoot, you’re so upset that Trump would step on your toes. But why aren’t you doing anything about the massive surge in crime in your city?

From January 1 to July of this year, there were 440 homicides in Chicago. Not to mention 2,240 shootings. That almost double from the year before. Does that not concern the mayor? She and so many other Democrats nationwide seem more upset that Trump would send in federal officers to protect American lives.

Chaos is spreading across Chicago, even now. At the time of this writing, there hasn’t appeared to be any official word from the city or the mayor. Lives will be lost, but she does nothing.

As bad as this seems, keep in mind, this same thing is happening in Portland, Seattle, New York, D.C., and Los Angeles. What do these cities all have in common? They are run by Democrats who ignore violent riots, seek to defund the police, and don’t want the Feds to protect us.

Democrat voters have to think long and hard about what they are about to do in November. If they continue to vote for liberals to run their cities, they will have to own all the crime, pain, and bloodshed.

How can things possibly get worse? Oh, but they can. If Democrats get their way, the prisons will be shut down, cops will be gone, Americans will have no gun rights, and “peaceful protestors” will be kicking down doors in a neighborhood near you.

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