Last weekend, rioting and looting broke out after an armed suspect was shot by police. The chaos ravaged parts of Chicago, leaving the city in shambles. Many of those responsible were arrested and face charges. But Black Lives Matter showed up, demanding these criminals set free. That’s when local black residents let BLM know what they really felt.

It’s getting harder and harder for the radical activist group known as “Black Lives Matter” to be respected by Americans. Once upon a time, sure, you might have believed BLM was working to help black people. But these days, few are believing that story.

Soon after the death of George Floyd, BLM enjoyed a renewed boost of attention and support. They actually fundraised off the man’s murder, raising tens of millions of dollars. But quickly their “peaceful” protests around the country devolved into uncontrolled violence. Many black lives were lost. Businesses, homes, and churches were vandalized and destroyed.

How can anyone believe this group cares about black lives, when they are the ones hurting black people? Numerous videos emerged of black Americans, whose family members were lost or businesses destroyed, pointing the finger directly at this group.

As usual, BLM showed up in Chicago after a devastating series of riots. The activist group wasn’t there to help clean up the communities slammed by violence. Instead, they were demanding the people who caused the violence (probably their own members) to be set free. A group of local black folks decided to explain to BLM how they really felt.

A group of black residents from Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood – the location of an officer-involved shooting that triggered a night of riots and looting on Sunday – demanded that members of Chicago’s Black Lives Matter group, who were holding a protest to support those arrested for looting, leave the neighborhood and return only when they were ready to really help the community.

Chicago BLM organized a series of protests, beginning Monday, in support of the 100 individuals arrested during Sunday night’s shocking events, claiming that looting is “reparations” and that the alleged criminals were simply “protesting” and taking what is rightfully theirs from “corporations.”

“Standing in the middle of 63rd Street, encircled by police reform protesters, [Duane Kidd, a] 42-year-old lifelong resident of Englewood yelled: ‘None of these motherf******s are gonna be here tomorrow. That’s why I got a problem.’” [Source: Daily Wire]

This trend is becoming more and more common. Black Americans are no longer buying the line that this group cares about black lives. It is becoming painfully obvious that BLM is just a far-left arm of the Democratic Party, sent out to cause trouble and scare voters into submission.

Another counter-protester, Darryl Smith, slammed BLM for not caring when black kids lose their lives. Many pointed out that when black children die at the hands of drive-by shootings and other acts of crime, Black Lives Matter is nowhere to be found.

These are things conservatives have been saying for years, but the media has written them off as racists. Now, black Americans are exposing BLM’s hypocrisy. I wonder what the media will say now?

To be honest, this is what black people have been thinking about BLM from day one. After all, they live through the pain of crime, violence, and poverty every day. They’ve seen how little BLM cares when black people are shot and killed by black criminals. But they are only now compelled to speak, because the last straw has broken the camel’s back.

BLM are the ones causing destruction in their communities. This group is directly responsible for the deaths of black children. Because of their rioters and looting, many black folks can’t go to work this morning.

And this is why more black people are turning on BLM. I suspect more will follow.

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