The Democratic National Convention kicks off this week. Through the coming days, leaders on the left will give their biggest pitch to Americans. Joe Biden will receive his nomination (from home) to be their candidate for president. To provide an alternative to the nightmare, Trump has plans of his own.

Let’s be honest, did you even know the Democrats’ convention was happening this week? Probably not. I’m sure there are much more important things you will be doing than watching this spectacle, like paving your driveway or having a tooth pulled.

But for the few numbskulls that still support a party that wants abortion on demand, defunded cops, and riots in the streets, the Democrats will be featuring a parade of speakers in Milwaukee. Noticeably absent from the festivities in Wisconsin will be their own presidential candidate, Joe Biden, whose constitution is so weak, he can’t leave his home even to recent the party’s nomination.

There’s hope, though, for the rest of us. While all the cable news channels feature speeches from some of the country’s biggest criminals (Hillary Clinton and Obama will be there), the president is providing an alternative. Always putting Americans’ first, he has some counterprogramming to save us from all the torture.

Trump’s campaign on Friday announced three events scheduled for Monday and Tuesday where the president plans to address Biden’s “failures” on the economy and immigration. On Monday, he’ll travel to North Star Aviation in Minnesota and later to Basler Flight Service in Wisconsin. Trump also has a Tuesday event at Joe Foss Hangar in Arizona.

The president is also reportedly planning to make a trip to Biden’s hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania, on Thursday, which is the same day that the former vice president formally accepts the Democratic nomination. Current public polling shows Biden leading Trump in all four battleground states. [Source: US News]

That’s right. Trump will be traveling to various swing states to make his case against Joe Biden and the Democrats. He’s even planning a visit to Biden’s hometown of Scranton. Trump will be exposing Biden’s past failed policies, including his disastrous stance on immigration and his weak approach to the economy.

On top of that, Team Trump will also be launching a digital ad campaign during the week.

US President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign will sink millions of dollars into a digital ad campaign next week during the Democratic presidential convention, a Trump campaign spokesman said on Saturday…

The ad purchases, which were first reported by the New York Times, will include the Trump campaign taking over the banner of YouTube for 96 hours starting on Tuesday. The campaign will also run ads on the websites of major US news outlets, Murtaugh said. [Source: IOL]

Just as the Democrats praise themselves over how much better they are at leading the country, Team Trump will be highlighting the many terrible things they’ve done in recent memory. Remember, it was the Democrats who shut down states for months, let rioters loose, and promised to defund the police (which they’ve done).

Democrats are hoping this week will be their moment of triumph. After years of obstruction, hate, slander, and chaos caused at their own hand, these leftists believe this week will seal the deal of their defeat of Trump.

Instead, Trump will use the attention the media will give to the Democrats to magnify their horrendous track record. Just as the left tries to praise itself, the president will cast a giant floodlight on how states run by Democrats are broke, overwhelmed by crime, and burdened by massive taxes.

Meaning, all the left will have to say during the entire week is, “Trump bad.”

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