John Kasich couldn’t say enough nice things about Joe Biden during the opening night of the Democratic National Convention, but in 2012, Kasich accused him of being a liar.

During the Republican National Convention in support of Mitt Romney, then-Ohio Gov. Kasich said, “But Joe Biden told me he was a good golfer. And I’ve played golf with Joe Biden. I can tell you that’s not true, as well as all the other things that he says.”

But on Monday night, Kasich gushed over the presumptive Democrat nominee.

Standing at a corner of a grass triangle, apparently intending to symbolize a crossroads, Kasich said, “I’ve known Joe Biden for 30 years,” and called Biden “a good man.”

“A man of faith, a unifier. Someone who understand the hopes and dreams of the common man and the common woman,” he continued.

“I know Joe Biden with his experience and his wisdom and his decency can bring us together to help us find that better way,” Kasich said.

The former governor disputed the notion that Biden will “turn left” after he is elected.

“I know the measure of the man. He’s reasonable, he’s faithful, respectful,” Kasich said, adding, “Joe Biden is a man for our times.”

Author: Kyle Olson

Source: Breitbart: John Kasich Gushes Over Joe Biden in 2020 DNC Speech — Accused Him of Lying in 2012 RNC Address

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