Since early Summer, Democrats nationwide have embraced the radical notion of defunding police. They do this, even as rioters burn and loot their own cities. Many are fleeing blue states thanks to this new policy. Trump, on the other hand, continues to support law enforcement. Now, Democrats are raging as the New York Police union does something they’ve never done before.

We don’t have enough time to analyze how stupid it is that Democrats want to defund police. Some of the more extreme leftists want cops entirely gone, replaced by limp-wristed social workers. Good luck, Minneapolis.

But we shouldn’t be surprised by it. Democrats have been attacking police officers for decades, thinking it’s a good tactic to win over black voters. Spread the notion that cops are racist and unfairly target black people. Then they are sure to vote for you come election time!

That may have worked once upon a time, when cops were still allowed to do their jobs. But across American, people of all races are getting to see how terrible life is without law enforcement. Democrats in major cities ignore rioting and looting. Then they follow that up with moves to defund their police departments.

Trump, for his part, has condemned such actions, promising he’d never abandoned our boys in blue. He has frequently criticized the defund police movement, particularly in New York. Now, thanks to his support, the New York Police union is doing this.

The New York Police Department (NYPD) union faced blowback from local Democrats after it endorsed President Trump’s reelection amid budget cuts and tensions between police and city lawmakers.

On Friday night, Trump spoke to members of the New York City Police Benevolent Association (PBA), an organization that represents 24,000 officers, at his golf club in Bedminster, N.J. Trump was formally endorsed by the group.

PBA President Pat Lynch said it was the first time he could recall the group ever endorsing a president.

“I have 36 years on this job, 21 as the president of this fine organization. I cannot remember when we’ve ever endorsed for Office of the President of the United States, until now. That’s how important this is,” Lynch said. [Source: Fox News]

While monumental, this shouldn’t surprise us. Democrats are actively trying to destroy police departments. They don’t seem to care how much death and destruction that will cause to many communities (most with high black populations). But they won’t be hurt, living in gated communities with private security!

Police officers have been treated like garbage since this “movement” began. The media has slammed cops as racist and violent. But how often have they bothered to interview and question cops? When has the left-wing media ever given police a fair shake?

The only person doing that? Donald Trump. He has not only rejected the defund the police movement, but he is promising to improve our PDs and store law and order to many cities.

This has impressed the PBA enough to break their tradition of not endorsing a candidate. They aren’t even the first police union to do so!

Since 2016, we’ve seen plenty of labor unions breaking from the Democrats to endorse Trump. It seems the Democratic Party has strayed so far, they no longer share the same values of many working Americans.

This is certainly true of police unions. Right now, Democrats are branding hard-working cops “Enemy Number One.” Even Joe Biden called them “the enemy.”

Why wouldn’t they endorse Donald Trump?

On top of that, many liberal residents in blue cities are changing sides. After abusive lockdowns and endless riots, they’ve watched their beloved cities go to hell. All thanks to Democrats are their “great” ideas.

The only thing that can repair the damage are candidates that support law and order. Right now, that’s the red ticket.

Expect some truly amazing things on Election Night.

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