As Democrats started on their second night of misery, Donald Trump was traveling across the country to show off his successes. He visited Yuma, AZ to inspect a new section of his promised border wall. While speaking on his achievements on the border, he made this declaration.

Last night was the second night of Democratic National Convention speeches. I’m sure you watched eagerly. No, I’m sure you were binging a Netflix show instead. The night’s highest point came when suspected pedophile, Bill Clinton, gave a speech lecturing Donald Trump about his conduct in the Oval Office.

That’s right, the man who had an affair with an intern was telling Trump how to behave. You just can’t make this up.

Meanwhile, Trump was reminding Americans why they picked him over a party of liars and crooks. He visited Arizona to inspect a new section of the border wall. He discussed the progress of his much-promised wall along the U.S./Mexico border. And he made a startling statement.

President Trump on Tuesday declared victory in his fight to build a wall on the southern border, as he visited newly-built structure in Yuma, Ariz. and ripped into what he described as a “deadly” immigration plan from his Democratic rival Joe Biden.

“You don’t hear about the wall anymore because we won,” Trump said in remarks at the wall…

Trump also hailed the wall at a nearby campaign event after the border visit, where he spoke to supporters.

“That big portion of wall already built you don’t get through it, you can’t get through it, you can climb Mount Everest and you’ll have an awful hard time getting over that sucker,” he said. [Source: Fox News]

The Trump administration has completed 280 miles of new and upgraded sections of the border with advanced security fencing and technology. The president declared he “won” on the border fight, due to the fact that the Democrats and the media have completely stopped talking about it.

In fact, ever since the 2018 Midterm Elections, Democrats appear totally unconcerned with immigration as a whole. Could it be because the issue was only a tool to manipulate voters?

But things are getting so bad with their own base, Democrats had to frantically switch tactics this year just to salvage what’s left of the black vote. They incited riots and promised to defund police in a last-ditch effort to win some of them back. But that’s unlikely to work, since the riots destroyed many black homes and businesses. Not to mention how the defund the police movement is wildly unpopular with Americans, including black Americans.

In addition to building the wall, Trump has passed other measures to reform our immigration situation. He scored asylum agreements with Mexico and other South American countries that ended the months-long migrant crises. He enacted the Migrant Protection Protocols aimed at preventing the many dangers migrants face while traveling over the border.

He also has fought to find a solution to DACA, the “policy” put forward by Obama that has left thousands of illegals stuck in limbo. But to date, Democrats have refused to come to an agreement, proving once again they are not interested in helping immigrants.

While in Arizona, Trump once again slammed Joe Biden. He called him a “puppet of the radical left-wing movement.” He said Biden and those that control him want to eliminate America’s borders. Biden has talked about his support for open borders and is embracing much of Bernie Sanders’ plan which would open the flood gates to illegals.

Democrats are trying to win over Americans with a weak convention, yet the push radical policies that few Americans want. Meanwhile, Trump is literally showing off his achievements for all to see.

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