Not that long ago, a few “patriots” launched a fundraiser to build a portion of the Southern border wall. Calling it “We Build the Wall” the group, led by Brian Kolfage and Steve Bannon, raised $25 million. But the Feds came a-knocking after it was discovered the “non-profit” endeavor lied to its supporters. Now, Trump is speaking out.

Don’t believe it, if the media tries to pin this scandal on Trump. Yes, Steve Bannon—former Trump advisor—has been arrested on serious charges. But remember, long ago Trump kicked Bannon to the curb. Years before this recent dust-up. It appears Trump knew something about the man long before anyone else.

Bannon got involved with Brian Kolfage to launch a private campaign to build a portion of the border. You probably heard of “We Build the Wall.” You might have even contributed to it. The campaign raised $25 million to build some of the border wall on private property, promising “100%” of the money would go to the project. President Trump condemned the project early on, saying the government must build the wall, not private citizens.

Now, four leaders of this group have been arrested and charged with defrauding the public. It turns out they took up to $1 million of the money for themselves, using shell companies and other bogus tricks to hide the fact. Bannon himself was one of the men arrested.

President Trump didn’t pull any punches.

President Trump on Thursday said he feels “very badly” that his former adviser Steve Bannon was arrested and indicted in connection with an online fundraising campaign that allegedly defrauded donors of hundreds of thousands of dollars, while calling the project “inappropriate.”

“I feel very badly. I haven’t been dealing with him for a very long period of time,” Trump told reporters. “I haven’t been dealing with him at all.”

The president said he didn’t “know anything about the project at all” but also said he “didn’t like” it.

“I thought it was being done for showboating reasons,” Trump said…

Prosecutors claim that Kolfage, Bannon, Andrew Badolato and Timothy Shea took money for themselves as the campaign raised upward of $25 million. The indictment alleges that Bannon received more than $1 million through a nonprofit that he then used for personal expenses and to pay Kolfage. [Source: Fox News]

Biden’s campaign is already trying to use this to smear Trump, but as usual, they are a day late and a dollar short.

Trump fired Bannon years ago and has made it clear he hasn’t been working with him at all for a long time. Some conservative figures are speaking out about Bannon’s reputation. Brian Cates suggested Trump fired Bannon because he was “spreading smear stories about Jared and Ivanka” and that he was running “scams using his White House access.”

Second Amendment advocate Dana Loesch revealed that her time knowing Bannon was terrible.

What’s interesting to note is that Trump’s DOJ is the one who nabbed these scammers. You’d think that Barr or Trump would look the other way, to protect these “conservatives” or their own reputations. But no, the DOJ did not stop exposing this scheme, just because it had “pro-Trump” underpinnings.

That should tell you about the kind of integrity both Barr and Trump have when it comes to pursuing law and justice.

What do you think Obama would have done if one of his former associates was exposed for fraud? What would Hillary Clinton have done? Well, we know at least Clinton’s associate would have mysteriously committed suicide…

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