Joe Biden’s entire campaign rests on attacking Donald Trump. And his biggest talking point is that Donald Trump is responsible for every last COVID death in the U.S. This claim has been repeated by Joe and much of the mainstream media. But what are they going to say in light of this inconvenient fact?

From the very start of the pandemic, Democrats have tried to pin the blame on Donald Trump. Ignoring everything they themselves did at the start of the year, they want us to believe that all the spread and death is the result of Trump’s leadership.

Democrats conveniently forget that as the virus was spreading in 2019, they were wasting time with a bogus impeachment fraud. When Trump closed the border to China in January, Joe Biden himself called the president xenophobic. Democrats in the media continued to say that the virus was no big deal, all the way up to March.

Only in mid-March did they bother to admit it was a problem. By then it was way too late. Yet now, Joe Biden and the left are literally covering up their own incompetence, trying to get us to swallow a big, fat lie.

But they have no legs to stand on when we simply look at the facts. The reality is, conservative states—with many Trump supporters—have weathered the virus and come out the other side. But the states with the worst death tolls, with one-third of all U.S. deaths, are Biden-loving blue states.

As Democrats and their presidential nominee Joe Biden gear up to attack the president’s response to COVID-19, they must grapple with a harsh reality: a third of all U.S. coronavirus deaths occurred in just three states controlled exclusively by Democrats…

According to the data-gathering website Worldometers, 33% of deaths in the U.S.—just under 61,000—come from three Democratic states: New York, New Jersey and California. All three are headed by Democratic governors, and the statehouses of all three are controlled entirely by Democratic politicians…

As November approaches, Biden may continue to criticize the U.S. as having “the worst performance” of any country worldwide, with the blame laid at the feet of the current Republican administration. Democratic-run New Jersey and New York’s respective adjusted death tolls, meanwhile, both remain roughly three times the national average. [Source Just the News]

Democratic states pushed the harshest lockdowns, forced people into their homes, denied churches and businesses from opening, required heavy penalties for not wearing masks. Yet they have the highest death toll than any other state.

Hmm… you’d think that it would be the opposite, right? Red states, with similar populations, had fewer restrictions—and fewer deaths.

Is this just a big coincidence? Or were red states doing something blue states refused to do? Like letting their people live and work?

We know Gov. Cuomo of New York is responsible for the massive death toll in New York. He ordered patients sick with COVID to be taken into nursing homes, exposing the elderly to the virus. In Florida, which is run by Republican Ron DeSantis, they were emptying the nursing homes as fast as they could. And he saved thousands of lives.

Other Democratic-run states refused to authorize life-saving treatments, out of spite for the president. And let’s not forget how they turned a blind eye to mass protests, where thousands of people gathered with no heed to social distancing rules or fa masks.

And how those protests devolved into riots, leading to more death and destruction.

Perhaps the higher death tolls and number of cases in California, New York, and other blue states are the result of that?

Seems to be a connection, doesn’t it? No matter how you slice it, Democrats made the situation much worse. Yet even today, they refuse to take responsibility for their own actions—opting instead to blame Trump like the petty children they are.

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