Riots continue to rage through Kenosha, Wisconsin as Black Live Matter activists destroy homes and livelihoods. Although the governor called up a few National Guard, he refuses to end the nights of chaos and violence. The White House offered aid, with President Trump calling the Democrat governor personally. He refused. Now, locals are forced to take up arms to defend their lives.

Once again, we see the Democrats’ lapdogs set loose in another blue-controlled region. Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and other anarchists are spreading chaos through Wisconsin. The local leaders, all Democrats, refuse to acknowledge the already massive toll this is having on the city. Fires have destroyed residents’ businesses and homes. After losing months of business thanks to lockdowns, some announced that—thanks to the looting—they will never come back.

The Democrat governor called up just 125 National Guard to help firefighters, but he refuses to arrest rioters and looters. The chaos continues to spread. The White House has offered aid to quickly bring it to an end. But, as usual, the Democrats refused the help—proving they are on the side of the rioters.

“I got a call today from congressman who represents that district, and from Senator Johnson as well, really just pleading for help, saying that the local sheriff and the mayor and police chief need some additional assistance,” White House chief of staff Mark Meadows said. “I got on the phone right away and offered assistance in the form of additional National Guard help.”

Meadows added, “The president was on the phone with the governor today … we have National Guard standing by, and if the general for the National Guard [in Kenosha] needs additional help, we’re there to do it, but today, that request was denied by the governor.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Trump offered federal assistance to end the looting and violence, but Gov. Tony Evers, a Democrat, rejected it. Now, why would a governor refuse federal help, when out-of-control maniacs are destroying his state? Could it be that Democrats want rioters to spread havoc and destruction?

After all, Democrats refuse to intervene and stop all this. Those that are arrested are quickly released without bail. And Democrats keep defunding police departments, which quickly results in more crime.

Do they really think any of this is going to help them win in November? This is madness. The only person willing to help so many Americans suffering from unjust riots and looting is Donald Trump.

Now, because the governor is rejecting aid, locals have no choice but to arm themselves.

Protests over the police shooting of a black male in Wisconsin continued Tuesday night, amid social media postings that appear to show residents arming themselves to protect against the vandalism and arson…

In one video posted to Twitter, several armed men are seen standing outside a local business. When asked if they are protecting the building, one of them answers, “We’re out here trying to protect residents, we’re trying to protect the innocent people, and we’re trying to protect the businesses of the citizens out here.” [Source: Just the News]

This has nothing to do with a police shooting or anything they claim. We’ve seen what happens to police who break the law or go beyond what is right. You don’t have any legs to stand on, when you loot local businesses, harm innocent bystanders, and burn down homes and buildings.

For Democrats to do nothing to intervene is as bad as the rioters themselves. These governors and mayors are turning a blind eye to chaos and death. They are showing zero leadership; because they were never leaders to begin with.

When civilians have no choice but to protect their own property, something is very wrong. It proves their local government has abandoned them. It proves Democrats are on the side of mobs.

Do you really think locals are going to continue to support these people?

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