During the Republican National Convention, GOP candidate Madison Cawthorn gave a powerful speech about freedom. The young man, who is paralyzed since the age of 18, finished his message by rising to his feet to give the Pledge of Allegiance. A leftist journalist quickly slandered him over Twitter. That’s when countless patriots struck back.

Once upon a time, there was one thing you could count on in politics: that even though parties may have disagreed, they still showed a shred of humanity. Say what you will about Donald Trump’s abrasive style, he’s quick to show praise and respect, even to his rivals. That’s not the case with Democrats, these days.

Liberals have spread and increased hate against anyone right of center. If you share a positive opinion about Trump or conservative values, they will try to ruin your life. They have kicked conservatives off of social media, tried to get them fired, and even exposed their personal information to the public. All in the name of shaming and silencing those they disagree with.

The left has such raging hatred for conservatives and Trump supporters, that they can’t even respect it when a man stands for his country. Even if that young man has been paralyzed since he was 18. GOP candidate from North Carolina, Madison Cawthorn, spoke at the RNC. At the end of his speech, he stood, with the help of two men, to recite the end of the Pledge of Allegiance. Soon after, a PBS reporter spewed slime all over him.

Cawthorn standing to recite the Pledge was enough for PBS journalist Yamiche Alcindor to criticize him on Twitter, writing, “Madison Cawthorn made it a point to stand, suggesting that all Americans to (sic) should stand during the pledge of allegiance & national anthem. It was a direct rebuke of actions by ppl — including black athletes who are currently sitting out games — protesting police brutality.” [Source: Daily Wire]

How pathetic. Cawthorn stood to honor our Flag and the men and women who fought to protect it. He did it because he loves this country and wants to serve the people of North Carolina. But Alcindor used the powerful moment to accuse Cawthorn of attacking entitled athletes who kneel during the National Anthem before games.

Only a twisted, toxic, hateful person would even make the comparison. But this is pretty typical of leftists, these days. Once upon a time, we would have seen a young Democrat do what Cawthorn did. Now, it’s more acceptable on the left to slander our Flag, criticize our country, and insult those who died to protect us.

Criticism came in fast for this leftist “journalist.”

Sean Davis Of The Federalist: “Only a deranged lunatic who worships at the altar of politics could get angry at the sight of a paralyzed person standing up. What a sad, pathetic way to go through life.”

Mollie Hemingway, also of The Federalist: “If you thought, ‘certainly nobody could attack this man in a wheelchair for standing up at the end of his speech,’ you haven’t met our completely insane White House press corps, currently viciously attacking a paralyzed man for not sharing their far-left political views.”

Jeff Blehar, elections analyst for Decision Desk HQ:“How on earth could you possibly turn the rather moving act of a FREAKIN’ PARAPLEGIC rising for the national anthem into some weird BLM trip?” [Source: Daily Wire]

Leftists are so entrenched in their deranged crusade to destroy our country and values, they can’t even appreciate a special moment like this. They can’t give up one inch of space to Republicans, because that would show them some civility and respect!

But Democrats no longer have civility or respect for anyone but themselves. Unless you cower to their vicious, socialist agenda, they will mock, criticize, or defame you.

Even if you a paraplegic who stands for the country.

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