For decades, New York City thrived as a center of commerce, culture, and entertainment. Two conservative mayors transformed the city from the cesspool it was in the 80s to the envy of the world. But Democrats elected a radical leftist by the name of Bill de Blasio and, in a few short years, turned NYC into a hellhole. Now after thoroughly ruining the city, the liberal elite are fleeing to new cities.

New York wasn’t all that great in the 80s. Trust me, I was there. But once Rudy Giuliani was elected mayor, things quickly turned around. New York become a hotspot for tourists, businesses, and Americans eager for a thrill. Even after 9/11, Giuliani worked tirelessly to restore the city’s dignity.

After him came Michael Bloomberg. Although he abandoned the Republican Party, he still helped keep the city prosperous and growing. But it’s only taken Mayor de Blasio—who has a history of radical leftism—a few years to turn the city into a waste heap.

He abandoned the cops years ago, leading to 1970s level of crime. He’s embraced the kind of policies that turned Seattle and San Francisco into garbage-covered hovels for drug-addicted homeless. He shut down the city for months during the pandemic, ensuring the few hard-working locals that keep the city going would go bankrupt. And he embraced radical activists who rioted and destroyed property.

But you can’t blame all of it on de Blasio. After all, you don’t get mad at the rabid dog that bites you, but at the owner who let it off its chain. The reason New York is a laughing stock today, is because rich, arrogant, liberal elitists made it that way.

However, when the consequences of their voting record came back to bit them on the ass, these rich monsters decided to just up and leave.

A string of moving trucks was spotted in Manhattan’s Upper West Side on Saturday, according to Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa.

“The mass evacuation of Upper West Siders from NYC is in full effect,” he told the New York Post.

Sliwa blamed the city’s decision to house hundreds of homeless people in the neighborhood’s hotels for the exodus.

“The moment I walked out on my block, near Central Park West, there was a moving truck. I asked where you going, and they said, ‘Virginia.’ They told me, ‘Curtis, first the pandemic hit us and now the quality of life is so bad,’” he recalled.

Sliwa spoke to others moving to places such as New Hampshire and Tennessee, and one young family told him they were headed to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. [Source: Breitbart]

How wonderful! These rich scum bags ruined New York and now plan to do that same to Virginia, South Carolina, and parts beyond!

This is a pretty typical pattern for rich leftists. They pretend like they are so generous and compassionate for voting for incompetent Democrats. But once their horrible policies destroy a community, they just abandon it, leaving the working and middle classes to suffer.

These rich aren’t really leaving New York over the pandemic or de Blasio’s terrible policies. Yes, the homeless in ritzy hotels was definitely the straw that broke the camel’s back, but these entitled losers have been planning to move for a long time.

Ever since Trump cut taxes in 2017, he eliminated the SALT deduction. That was a deduction that allowed wealthy Americans to pay lower federal taxes in exchange for paying high state taxes. It’s basically how over-taxed blue states stayed afloat. But after the historic tax cuts, rich liberals in Democrat-run states now had to pay both federal and state taxes.

(I’m sure you were told that Trump’s tax cuts only helped the rich. As usual, you were lied to.)

So, rich liberals already had a good reason for leaving. They are only doing it now, because they don’t want to face the reality of what they did to New York. But rest assured, the terrible policies voted for in New York, they’ll bring to each state they flee to.

The only solution is for every honest citizen that wants to save their communities is to vote out Democrats in force. Don’t even give them a foothold.

Otherwise, you get to enjoy homeless drug addicts down the street from your schools, radical activists burning down your churches, and lockdowns that destroy businesses.

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