Earlier in the Summer, the CEO of Goya faced intense backlash from liberals after thanking Trump for his leadership and support. An attempt to boycott the Latino-owned company failed miserably. Now, Robert Unanue is making a bold prediction about what Latinos are going to do this November.

You may remember what Democrats tried to do after Goya Foods CEO appeared at an event at the Trump White House. Robert Unanue praised President Trump, announcing that his policies helped his company thrive, even during the crisis. That set off a firestorm of hate from the “tolerant” left, as numerous online campaigns sought to cripple the Latino-owned company through boycotts.

We don’t have to explore the utter evil and hypocrisy of liberals—who claim to love racial equality and opportunity—but demanded that a company owned by Latinos (and servicing a mostly Latino customer base) should be shut down because the CEO thanked the president. But this is how Democrats operate. When the chips are down, they abandon their values immediately. Political bullying is more important to them than a Latino-owned company that provides food for millions during a pandemic.

Of course, their pathetic attempts to boycott Goya failed terrifically. Not only did few Americans stop buying their products, but conservatives and Trump supporters came out in droves to stage a BUYcott, a movement to support Goya. That resulted in an unprecedented surge of sales for the company, with grocery stores nationwide quickly selling out of Goya products.

Now, Robert Unanue is back making a stunning prediction about how Latino Americans are going to vote this year.

Amid riots, looting and violence in the streets, Goya Foods’ CEO says polling showing President Trump’s support rising among Latinos is because immigrants arriving in America seeking opportunity don’t come to “tear things down, cancel things.”

The rise in support for Trump is due to “fatigue over all the destruction and hatred, tearing down businesses, by people — a lot of people that are from outside the community — because if you’re within the community, you’re building it, you don’t want to tear down what you just built,” Robert Unanue, President and CEO, Goya Foods, told Just the News in a video interview.

“And this is organized. People coming in from the outside to destroy. And so you know, we have two paths to take: Love and build, hate and destroy. We need to take the path of loving and building. And that’s why we’re looking at prosperity. How do we get our country back on our feet, and prosper in all aspects. So let’s love. Let’s build.” [Source: Just the News]

Unanue makes a good point about how Latinos are feeling right now. Democrat-backed rioters are destroying communities, looting businesses, and burning down homes. But many Latinos come to this country to build up communities, contribute to society, and make better lives for themselves and their families. Why would any hard-working Latino American support the destructive agenda of the left?

This CEO learned firsthand that Democrats of 2020 aren’t interested in building up minorities. They solely care about tightening their stranglehold on their vote. If black or Latino voters don’t go for Joe Biden, the left will send their foot soldiers into their communities and destroy their livelihoods.

We’ve been seeing that happen day after day, week and week, this entire Summer. The Democrats are fighting a losing battle. With each new city that they torch, they are losing minority voters.

And it’s not just minorities they are losing. Even longtime white Democrat voters have had enough. They are openly declaring they will vote for Trump in November, thanks to how their local leaders handled the pandemic and riots. Hard-working Americans of all backgrounds are walking up to the fact that Democrats would rather destroy our society, than see it thrive under a Republican.

Who would support a group like that?

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