President Trump is set to visit Kenosha, Wisconsin on Tuesday in the wake of an eruption of violent protests that local leaders have failed to control. As the left-wing mob attempted to burn the city to the ground, to which Democratic leadership turned a blind eye, the president deployed the national guard to put a stop to the violent rioting and looting.

Former Vice President Joe Biden partially condemned the violence in Kenosha, without fully denouncing the radical left-wing activists behind the acts. The Democratic nominee has thus far declined to visit Kenosha himself.

A top advisor to Biden’s campaign, Symone Sanders, told CNN that the former Vice President did not want to disturb the “peaceful nature” of the protests in Kenosha:

Make no mistake, what is happening in Kenosha is far from peaceful, though the riots are being disguised as amicable protests protected under the first amendment. The left-wing mob has left businesses devastated and residents fearful, as the city burns. The president is correct to involve federal law enforcement, when local Democratic leadership cannot put an end to the violence. If Biden truly believed in peaceful protests, he would condemn what is happening in Kenosha outright.

Author: Reagan McCarthy

Source: Town Hall: Symone Sanders Says That Biden Does Not Want to Disturb ‘Peaceful Nature’ of Kenosha Riots

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