President Trump has distinguished himself as one of the country’s biggest supporters of our military and veterans. He’s even done more for vets than any other president in recent history. But left-wing magazine The Atlantic recently claimed Trump refused to visit a military cemetery and insulted those who died. Furious, the president fired back.

It’s pretty pathetic for anyone to attack Trump over his reputation with the military. From the very beginning of his presidency, Trump has fought to put our military and veterans first. He landed the biggest increase in funding for the Armed Forces ever, including pay raises for active duty. He’s also radically improved the VA system, ending decades of corruption.

And he always goes out of his way to show our military—and the families of those who died in battle—the utmost respect.

So only a rabid Trump-hater would believe a story by The Atlantic that claimed Trump refused to visit a memorial cemetery and site of a battle. They even said he called those who died “losers” and didn’t want his hair to get messed up in the rain.

That kind of account could only be written and believed by those who deliberately ignore Trump’s record on veterans. President Trump heard about this hit piece and fought back.

“To think that I would make statements negative to our military and our fallen heroes … it is a disgraceful situation by a magazine that’s a terrible magazine,” Donald Trump said. “I don’t read it, but I just heard about it.” …

The Atlantic story cited anonymous sources who claimed that Trump did not want to visit the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery at the site of Battle of Belleau Wood during his visit to Paris in 2018 and that he was worried about his hair in the rain. The sources also claimed that Trump said the cemetery was “filled with losers” and that the Marines who died at Belleau Wood were “suckers” for being killed…

“They made it up and probably it’s a couple of people that have been failures in the administration that I got rid of and I couldn’t get rid of them fast enough,” he said. “Or it was just made up, but it’s unthinkable.” [Source: Breitbart]

The president was unable to visit that particular site because of unsafe flying conditions. Anyone that knows what Trump has said about our veterans—especially those who died—would never believe The Atlantic’s story.

But the left-wing magazine doesn’t cater to people who are interested in the truth. They cooked up a story that sounded plausible, to pander to people who have spent the last four years believing every bogus lie about the president.

When has Trump ever shied away from doing something meaningful, over fear of his hair? That kind of jab is dirty and grossly dishonest. Anyone that follows Trump has seen clips where he stops his schedule to thank the men and women who protect him. He’s often paused to speak with mothers of soldiers who have died. He gladly holds events and press conferences outside, regardless of what the weather does to his appearance.

But the pathetic liberal media—who fear Joe Biden will lose miserably—are doing everything in their power to lie, cheat, and steal this election. Is there anything they won’t do or say to get the upper hand?

We know the answer. This is the same party that has let rioters burn and loot cities for months. All in the name of blaming it on Trump, so minorities would vote for a man with dementia.

It should come as no surprise that The Atlantic would publish a piece like this. But it is still shocking, disgraceful, and un-American.

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