An aerial banner attacking Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo flew over several of the state’s most popular beaches Labor Day weekend.

The banner, towed behind a small plane like a typical shoreline advertisement, read “THE GOV KILLED NANA.”

The banner was spotted over several local hotspots Saturday and appeared to be a reference to Cuomo’s March order forcing nursing homes to accept COVID-positive or suspected patients — an order that many believe was at least partially responsible for the high number of coronavirus-related deaths in New York nursing homes.

One person who was at Rockaway Beach when the plane passed overhead reportedly told the New York Post that beachgoers had applauded the sign, adding, “The people were going crazy. [Cuomo] is nothing but a liar, condescending and miserable person. His carelessness caused the death of a lot of people unnecessarily.”

Cuomo’s spokesman Rich Azzopardi released a statement in response to the sign, attributing it to “conspiracy nuts.”

“Everyone knows this governor has worked day in and day out to protect all New Yorkers and that’s why these sad politically motivated lies always land with a thud and I have no comment on how conspiracy nuts want to waste their money,” he said.

Author: Virginia Kruta

Source: Daily Caller: ‘The Gov Killed Nana’: Aerial Banner Slamming Andrew Cuomo Flies Over New York Beaches

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