The left-wing media made a big deal when a handful of retired police officers endorsed Joe Biden for president. But they have been mysteriously quiet over the fact that the largest police union in the country is giving “overwhelming” support for President Trump. The head of the organization appeared on the news to explain why. You won’t be too surprised.

For a long time, Democrats have been flirting with abolishing law and order. Oh, you thought this was a new trend? Nope. For many leaders, leading Democrats have attacked police, sought to defund them, and worked to give more and more special treatment to criminals.

Long before the current insanity, Democrat-run states have pushed for more reforms that reward criminals and punish law-abiding citizens. Many leftist states have abolished bail—meanings a violent criminal can be arrested and end up back on the streets in the same day.

In fact, some Democrats are pushing to abolish incarceration altogether. They claim that putting away violent, uncaring, cruel murderers, rapists, and drug pushers is cruel. Tell that to their many victims.

Today, we shouldn’t be surprised that Democrats are on the side of America-hating radicals that keep burning down their own cities. Joe Biden gave a half-hearted speech condemning the violence, but he didn’t bother to show support to our law enforcement community. The Biden ticket is too afraid to stand up to the radical anarchists who are destroying our cities.

Because they are on their side!

But the head of the biggest police union in America explained in detail why they are breaking with tradition to back Trump.

The head of the nation’s largest police union said Saturday that members endorsed President Trump for reelection because of his strong call for law and order.

“Overwhelmingly it was unanimous to support President Trump,” Fraternal Order of Police President Patrick Yoes said…

“We’ve worked very closely with President Trump over the last four years on many initiatives,” Yoes said. “One of them was the First Step Act, which is the largest police reform act that’s happened in recent time. And we were very proud to be the only labor organization that stood and recognized that we want to find ways to improve and better the criminal justice system.”

Yoes said his 350,000-member organization has also worked with Trump on his executive orders amid a stalemate in Congress. The endorsement was announced Friday. [Source: Fox News]

Yoes explained that their union allows every member to take part in endorsements (unlike most unions, most notably the teachers’ unions). He says they polled every state where they have members—and there was unanimous support for President Trump.

He even admitted that while some members were Democrats, they all voted to reelect Trump.

It appears President Trump sought the input and support of police unions like the FOP when crafting landmark reform bills. He wanted their insight when writing up the First Step Act, a historic bill that provided significant criminal justice reform.

That is a dramatic departure from what Democrats have been doing. Since the unrest in May, Democrats and their media have blasted cops as “systemically racist.” They’ve talked to radical activists, anarchists, and those who want to abolish the police.

But when was the last time CNN or any other left-wing outlet bothered to get the police’s perspective on the situation? When was the last time Joe Biden or any liberal candidate sat down and talked with leaders within the law enforcement community?

Democrats claim they are the ones to “fix” a society they broke, but they show no effort in trying to actually mend the gap.

Meanwhile, Trump went straight to the police when he was working on reforms.

That’s a huge difference—and it’s the reason this union is backing him.

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