Thanks to titanically bad energy policy, California is suffering from rolling blackouts statewide. LA’s mayor is begging residents to literally shut off power after 3 pm. The governor is desperately trying to find solutions to fix his broken green plan. So, the president is once again forced to save the left’s butt.

When BLM and Antifa thugs rioted in major cities, destroying property and endangering lives, Democrats did nothing. No, that’s not right, they didn’t do nothing. They told cops to stand down and slashed millions and billions from their funding.

Only when Trump sent in federal law enforcement and the National Guard did the rioting stop. It took the efforts of one competent leader to fix the massive mistakes of many, many fools. And those blue cities that continue to refuse Trump’s help? Big surprise, they continue to have riots!

A similar situation is brewing in the once-Golden State. Radical, left-wing environmental policy has reduced the state’s energy capacity. They want to completely phase out fossil fuels in just a few short years. In fact, they only have THREE coal-fired plants left. Apparently, they expected wind power to be enough for a state of tens of millions of residents.

Well, guess what? The state is suffering massive rolling blackouts. They just can’t keep up with the energy demand. Idiot mayor of Los Angeles is telling people to STOP USING ELECTRICITY after 3 pm. Good luck with that.

This is the same man who forbad friends and loved ones from celebrating Labor Day together. Don’t you want to move to California!?

Governor Newsom had to hastily cancel plans to shut down those last three coal plants, knowing if they did (in just three years), the state would be 100% medieval—in that it would be the Dark Ages.

Now, President Trump comes to the rescue.

The Department of Energy (DOE) announced on Sunday it will use its authority to intervene in the management of the California power grid, which is struggling under the excessive heat currently in the state.

While media reports are claiming President Donald Trump is conducting some kind of power grab, California officials requested the assistance…

“Tonight, pursuant to his authorities under the Federal Power Act, and in response to an urgent request from the State of California, Secretary [Dan] Brouillette issued a Section 202 (c) emergency order to preserve the reliability of the bulk electric power system during this period of heat and stress on the grid.” [Source: Breitbart]

All I can say is, you better not take any of my power to bail out California!

The DOE spokeswoman took the opportunity to criticize CA’s terrible policy, which put them in place to begin with. She wrote that the secretary “encourages state policymakers to evaluate why the gird is not able to handle extreme stress, which can be alleviated with the support of greater caseload power generation and natural gas supply.”

That’s right California, if you’d stop banning straws and natural gas, you wouldn’t be in this problem to begin with.

As someone who once worked for the Environmental Protection Agency, I can safely say that little of what the left wants with “green” initiatives is about helping Americans or the planet. It’s about expanding government power, plain and simple.

California is just showing us where all of America would be right now, if a Democrat won the White House in 2016. The “Paris Climate Agreement” would have robbed all of the U.S. of our ability to generate power.

(California, by the way, in protest to Trump adopted much of the PCA after he nixed it.)

And if Joe Biden wins in November, it will get much worse. His promise to embrace “Green New Deal” policies would ensure that not only will you get to enjoy rolling blackouts every day, but you won’t even be able to fill up your car with gas.

Good enough reason to vote for Trump, huh?

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