Romney mocks Pelosi after uproar over her visit to a California salon that defied local coronavirus guidelines

Sen. Mitt Romney mocked Nancy Pelosi after tweeting a picture of his wife giving him a haircut at home, saying it was a “better salon” than the one the House speaker visited in defying local coronavirus guidelines.

“Getting cleaned up for resumption of the Senate,” Romney, R-Utah, tweeted Monday. “Better salon than Pelosi’s!

Romney tweeted a photo of himself getting his hair cut from his wife Ann Romney outside his home.

Romney’s tweet comes after Pelosi, D-Calif., made headlines after visiting a San Francisco hair salon for a wash and blowout, despite local ordinances keeping salons closed amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In security footage obtained exclusively by Fox News, and timestamped Monday, Aug. 31, at 3:08 p.m. Pacific Time, the California powerhouse is seen walking through ESalonSF in San Francisco with wet hair, and without a mask over her mouth or nose.

The stylist doing her hair can be seen following her wearing a black face mask.

Salons in San Francisco had been closed since March and were only notified they could reopen on Sept. 1 for outdoor hairstyling services only.

Pelosi dug in over the controversy and claimed that she was “set up” at the hair salon, which she said she had been to “over the years many times.”

“I take responsibility for trusting the word of the neighborhood salon that I have been to many times,” Pelosi told reporters Wednesday. “When they said they could accommodate people one at a time, and we can set up that time, I trusted that.”

“The salon owes me an apology for setting me up,” she added.

Pelosi, on Wednesday, downplayed the fact that she didn’t wear a mask in the salon.

“I just had my hair washed. I don’t wear my mask when I’m washing my hair,” she said. “Do you wear one when you wash your hair?”

Author: Brooke Singman

Source: Fox News: Romney tweets home haircut pic, quips ‘better salon than Pelosi’s’

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