The United States—and the world—has suffered a terrible year because China let a virus loose. The Chinese Communist Party ignored COVID and even suppressed information, letting it spread everywhere. Numerous lawmakers, as well as the president, have called for China to be held accountable. But not Joe Biden. When asked about his relationship with the communist state, he had this to say.

Biden’s questionable relationship with crooked, greedy, godless China goes back years. When he was vice president, he was responsible for negotiating with them. He appeared to bend over backward for a country that was bleeding America dry of both natural resources and jobs. Biden infamously said, “They’re not bad guys” about a country that routinely persecutes and kills its own citizens.

We later found out that, at the same time Biden was responsible for negotiating with China, a Chinese business dumped hundreds of millions of dollars into Hunter Biden’s—Joe’s son—lap. Yet despite this shocking conflict of interest, Biden was never invested by his boss President Obama.

Today, China is responsible for a global pandemic that has crippled national economies, upended lives, and kill hundreds of thousands. Many lawmakers are preparing bills that will allow U.S. citizens to sue China for losses (which are considerable). It’s clear that the United States and other countries must hold China accountable, demanding reparations in the billions or trillions—and that’s just for starters.

So, what does Joe say about all this? You won’t believe his answer.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden struggled during a CNN interview that aired on Thursday to answer questions about communist China, and went as far as to say, “We want China to grow.” …

CNN anchor Jake Tapper then pressed Biden on some of the things that the former vice president has done on the issue…

“Do you think in retrospect that you were naive about China?” Tapper asked.

“No, here’s the thing. In the context of that, we want China to grow,” Biden said. “We don’t want a war with China. I said to Xi Jinping when I was, I, you may remember the president wanted me to spend time with him as vice president, he was going to be president, and he couldn’t do it, so I traveled around the world with him. He asked, he said, ‘Why do you keep saying you’re a pacific power?’ I said because we are. We are a pacific power and if we weren’t, you would not [have] been able to have any stability at all.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Funny how CNN’s Tapper didn’t bother to ask about Hunter Biden getting so much money from China.

All that Joe did was blame Trump for our problems with China. He even said it was Trump’s fault that so much stuff is made overseas, instead of in America.

Excuse me, Joe? Trump’s been in power for four years—and has brought back considerable manufacturing. But Biden was a senator when America shipped millions of jobs to China. When he was vice president, we didn’t see him fighting to bring a single job back.

Do you really think Joe will confront China over the pandemic, if elected president? Do you even think he’ll bother to demand accountability from the foreign power—or will he just roll over and play ball?

He himself admitted, “we want China to grow.” Not sure who the “we” is in that statement, but it’s troubling that a man who wants to be president is prioritizing the growth of another country, already a billion strong?

Something tells me a President Biden would be more welcomed by the CCP, than regular Americans.

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