Despite the left’s constant demand that Americans vote by mail this election, Joe Biden was seen in Delaware, casting his vote early and in-person. When asked about why he was voting in person, it had something to do with him being “busy.” But when he tried to explain what he had on the docket for the day, he came up empty.

For months, Democrats pushed to acquire funding to pass universal vote-by-mail in every state. Nancy Pelosi and others claimed that COVID made it too dangerous for Americans to appear at the polling place. But their efforts to secure billions to shore up the USPS’s pathetic infrastructure failed, as news revealed that voting by mail was far from safe.

Add to that the fact that most states allow people to safely go to the grocery store, what danger is it for Americans to wait in lines to vote?

The left’s argument that mail-in voting is the only way got another blow, thanks to their candidate Joe Biden. Because despite all their doom-and-gloom, the former vice president was seen voting early, in person.

Joe Biden decided to vote the old fashioned way on Monday: by casting his ballot in person.

The Democrat nominee for president voted early at a polling location in Delaware.

Joe and Jill Biden visited the New Castle County Board of Elections to cast their ballots. Voters have the option to make an appointment and appear in person, or send their vote through the mail. [Source: Breitbart]

So much for the argument that voting by mail is dangerous, eh Nancy? If a man in his late seventies has no problem casting his ballot in person, why should anyone else?

Unless this is another instance where Democrats can break the rules, because they are better than the rest of us? As when Pelosi went to a salon, breaking lockdown rules? (We still haven’t forgotten, Nance!)

What’s even more troubling—though not surprising—is how Biden responded when asked why he was voting early.

Biden told reporters as he exited the building that he voted early because he’s going to be traveling tomorrow — 49 days before the election.

“You guys voted early today?” a reporter asked.

“Because I’m going to be in— where am I tomorrow? I’m in— ?” Biden said, looking for assistance.

“We’re traveling,” Jill Biden jumped in.

“Florida,” a staffer responded.

“I’m traveling tomorrow,” Biden said. [Source: Breitbart]

Uh… what? Joe said he’s voting early because he was traveling the next day? He does know that Election Day is November 3, right? There’s no reason to vote early… if you had plans 48 days before the election.

What’s even weirder is how he wasn’t even sure how to answer. As usual, his wife (i.e.: caretaker) and his campaign staff (i.e.: his overlords) had to bail him out.

Something tells me a man running for president should know his schedule better, right? If a reporter asked what Trump was doing tomorrow, don’t you expect him to know right away? Sure, he might not have the itinerary memorized, but he wouldn’t leave you with a bunch of “Uh. I’m going to be in… where am I?”

Even when trying to stump for early voting, the man can’t help but expose his crumbling mental faculties.

But I’m sure the Democrats were just pleased to see Biden prove that voting in person is perfectly safe. This proves there is absolutely zero reason to trust your vote to the whims of the post office.

I mean, I’m still waiting for Christmas cards from 2019—why would I let them handle by Constitutional right to vote?

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