Since Donald Trump entered politics, liberals have made wild claims about his leadership. They frequently call him racist, for wanting to end illegal immigration and build the wall. On top of that, they accuse a renowned businessman that his policies would “cripple” the economy. I wonder what those critics will say about this latest news, when Mexican-American owner of an MLB just endorsed Trump?

Former Vice President Joe Biden is desperate to win over Latino voters. You probably heard about his insulting attempt to pander to them by playing a song before his speech. For years, Democrats have assumed minorities were in the bag for them. They did little to help black or Hispanic Americans, but expected them to vote blue every election.

Only this year have they seen the writing on the wall. Black voter support for Trump is around 35-40%. Hispanic support is even higher. In recent months, notable Hispanic business leaders have praised the president. At a recent “Latinos for Trump” rally, the owner of the Los Angeles Angels urged all Hispanic Americans to vote for Trump.

Speaking at a “Latinos for Trump” roundtable in Phoenix, Arizona, Arte Moreno, the owner of MLB’s Los Angeles Angels and the first Mexican-American to own a major sports team in the United States, stated that all Latinos should get out and vote, adding, “It’s necessary to focus on today and the future, and it’s very necessary to vote for President Trump.”

Moreno is a native Arizonan, born in Tucson in 1946. His grandfather owned Tucson’s first Spanish-language newspaper. In 1966, he was drafted into the U.S. Army and fought in the Vietnam war. He was later hired by the billboard company Outdoor Systems, finally taking them public in 1996; he sold them to Infinity Broadcasting for $8 billion in 1998. [Source: Daily Wire]

Isn’t it amazing how so many Latinos rally around the president? It’s almost as if they don’t believe he’s a racist, despite what liberals think.

Hispanic Americans aren’t stupid. They know that Trump’s economic policies have helped millions of them get jobs, grow businesses, and earn more money. Democrats think they can bamboozle Latinos to vote for them, by pandering to their ethnicity. Instead, Trump just helps them succeed like never before.

Which sounds better to you?

This is the second time a respected, successful Hispanic American endorsed Trump in recent months. The CEO of Goya Foods received intense backlash from leftists after praising President Trump. Their attempt to boycott his company backfired, as millions flocked grocery stores to buy Goya products.

Moreno is a self-made billionaire. It appears he knows the best chance for him, and other Hispanics, to thrive is if Trump is re-elected. Biden and the left can play Despacito all they want, but their policies will hurt Hispanic Americans just like everyone else.

It’s clear Democrats have taken minority voters for granted. They just expected them to vote Democrat, while those in power did little to help them. What can minority voters count on if they elect Biden? Higher taxes, impoverished communities, fewer cops, and terrible school options. But, they’ll probably get a few more food stamps.

How nice.

But if Hispanic Americans go with Trump, they can look forward to rising opportunity, school choice, safe communities, and increasing wages.

I don’t know about you, but the choice seems pretty clear.

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